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Jul 11, 2007 08:23 AM

Any CH thoughts on Red House?

Thinking of going this Friday night. Been to it a couple of time when it first opened but not since...don't know why really? Perhaps it's the parking headache. I seem to recall that we liked it. Anyway, I checked the board for some reviews but most were old. Anyone one have any recent experiences?

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  1. i always enjoy red house. a nice casual dinner in harvard square. outside patio is great as is the inside room. i appreciate that they serve half orders of pasta which I usually find quite interesting. For harvard square of course it's not on the same level as harvest or rialto but definitely worth the trip in.

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      Thankd cambridgeMike. I put in outdoor seating on my OpenTable reservation but not sure they'll have any space for a Friday night. How's the wine selection?

    2. I've found that the daily specials are usually better than the food on the regular menu, especially fish specials. Had an excellent simply grilled red snapper there a few weeks ago with soft polenta. Half size entrees suit my appetite and wallet. Mixed drinks are surprisingly good--not so sure about wine, but was happy with a nice, ripe, cheapish bottle of German Riesling on my last visit.

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        forgive me for quoting something from Zagat's, but in this case it's to the point-- Red House always seems to be a second choice. We periodically go there because it's pretty damn charming (the bar room can feel like a small inn in Vermont and that deck is great) but we always fine that the food is just so-so. A recent shrimp skewer was dryish and cool, and the half portions are nice to have available-- mostly because a whole plate gets a little boring there.