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Jul 11, 2007 08:19 AM

What's your crazy and fun ethnic snack? [moved from Manhattan board]

I want my family to try cultural / ethnic small dishes or snacks. Please reply you input.
One of my favorite snack is the (JOONG) Sticky rice with pork wrapped in Leaf.

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  1. Potato knishes, the round ones that are baked, not the square ones that are fried, are delicious eastern European snacks. They are basically seasoned mashed potatoes wrapped in a dough crust.

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      I use to pay 50 cents in elementary school yard from street vendor that sells it to us! It's the one of my favorites too!

      1. re: lucyis

        Chocolate-covered matzoh-- get it at the Streit's matzoh factory on Rivington at Suffolk.

        Another good matzoh snack: Toast a piece of plain Streit's matzoh very lightly and cover it with Fairway's hot horseradish cream (or any creamy, savory spread). Toast the matzoh very lightly (on the lightest toaster setting) or it will burn.

        And no, I do not work for Streit's, but their matzoh is superior to other store-bought brands.

        1. re: williej33

          Love potato knishes, but sadly the frozen ones from Mrs. Stahl's in the blue box.

          Love Caramel Crunch Matzah too, as well as the Egg'n'Onion matzah w/ a little butter on it.

          For sweet, alfajores and bunuelos!

      2. Takoyaki from Otafuku; such lovely octopus balls. And samosas. At Sukhadias on 45th between 5th and 6th, they have those, as well as desserts (like ghulab jamun, dough balls in syrup) and cakes made with almond paste. They also have bags of fried chickpea/lentil snacks.


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          creamy spicy shrimp at Nobu....major yum

        2. Bullet cakes in Chinatown!

            1. korean crackers or chips are my favorite-- try the shrimp or sweet potato chips. (They're shaped like fries). There are also these delicious sesame seed balls glazed with honey. crunchy and fabulous :)

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                chinese steamed bao, savory chopped pork wrapped in a roll-like dough. I could use a few right about now!