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Jul 11, 2007 08:11 AM

I need an amazing birthday restaurant

My family will be visiting NYC the first weekend of August to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Dinner is on Dad, so money is not really a concern.

Only thing that's "out" is sushi, as Mom doesn't eat it, any other cuisine is fair game. The family tends to like Mexican, Southwest, Middle Eastern, and New American. The place needs to have really great drink options, as well as a decent wine list.

I'm tempted to go to a Dylan Prime type place, but I'm looking for something a little more celebratory, without ending up at Tortilla Flats.

Places that have been hits in the past include Mesa Grill and Rosa Mexicano (not the best, I know...) I think aside from the drink options and the above average food, service is key, my Dad can get a little tense when we're stuck with an incompetent server (you know the type...)

So basically, any budget, any cuisine but sushi, great drinks, great atmosphere, wonderful service. Any great suggestions? Does such a place exist?

TIA for any help!!!

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  1. Eleven Madison Park? Sounds like it might work and the cocktails are great.

    1. Some places to consider that are all very different from one another...maybe check out the websites and see if one appeals to you? Del Posto (, Gramercy Tavern (, Rayuela (, The Strip House (

      1. I agree with Jeremy that Eleven Madison would be an excellent place for a celebratory meal. I don't drink, so I defer to Jeremy re: cocktails. However, my husband is a wine drinker, and he often comments when we are there about how excellent the wines are. Incompetent service? Never! The cordial staff always provides polished service. The space is gorgeous! And, then, of course, there's Chef Daniel Humm's French-inspired New American cuisine. What can I say? Sensational!

        Enjoy and Happy Birthday!