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Jul 11, 2007 08:01 AM

Experience with Tuscana West in D.C.?

I am looking at this restaurant for a private party for 50 people. If you have eaten there (particularly if you've had a function this large), what is it like?

I have a dilemma as the dinner is only two weeks away and there is limited availability for private rooms with such short notice.

Thanks in advance for any input on Tuscana West.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I don't, but I know of plenty of places who can do private parties that size even on short notice- if you are uncertain about where you'd like to be I'd be happy to help you figure out some great places!

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          I must gree w/jpschust here, especially after reading katecm's comments below. Some suggestions of potential places include Vidalia (went to a wedding reception in their private room), Finemondo (if Italian is what you're looking for--they have private spaces), or Zengo (semi-private area, but not sure about capacity).

          1. re: KWynn

            I also think Filomena in Georgetown has a private room but you might want to check that.

            Butterfield 9 which has always been consistantly good has a private room (you will want to check on the size though). And I imagine some of the steakhouses in town have private rooms and do parties of that size really well...but none pop to mind that I know have a private room for sure.

        2. It's totally a tourist trap. I'd steer clear. If you go to the Washington Post City Guide, you can search restaurants by whether they have a private room. There are so many options. If it's not a weekend, you can probably do well finding something.

          1. Also Acadiana has a great private room. I love their food (its of course not Italian though) and peaked into their private room and thought it was great. At the time they had at least 2 servers working a group that looked like 20 or so people. I think they have at least 2 private you should give them a call.