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Jul 11, 2007 07:42 AM

NYC Chowhound needs value/quality mix

So I'm taking my mother to Toronto this weekend and in need of a some restaurant recommendations. Last year, we went to La Paradis and Christine's on Danforth. I enjoyed both meals. I'm looking for more suggestions of the great food at great value kind. I just recently perused Zagat and was floored by how many of the top restaurants are listed at $80+ per person! That's more than i was looking to spend. My mom is 60+ and not into too much fanfare or pizzazz but enjoys good quality food. She's also a vegetarian. That doesn't have to dictate the whole theme of the restaurant but anywhere with enough fish/vegetable choices... We have a car and can travel pretty easily. Where should we go? Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Had a great meal at Utopia on College last night. Price was great - food is fantastic and is mostly vegetarian. Two of us each had burritos and a glass of wine, for $45 including tax and tip.

    1. No need to spend excessively on food in Toronto. I really like Foccacia. It's in the Yonge and Bloor area (pretty central). It's my old standby.

      1. Batifole for a nice bistro dinner. El Bodegon on College for a great, homey Peruvian restaurant (lots of fish). Dessert Trends Bistro on Harbord is a simple, beautiful space with really good food (at good prices) and incredible desserts that look like works of art. If you don't make it for dinner, they have one of the best, unheralded brunches in the city IMO.

        Have a great weekend with your mom!

        1. I haven't been yet myself but there have been many glowing reviews of Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen on Danforth, just east of Greenwood. I live in the area and it is not the 'fun' part of Danforth like you saw around Christina's, but definitely sounds like good food for good value.
          Love Fieramosca on Prince Arthur Ave (Bloor and Avenue Rd area). Italian of excellent quality. They are currently part of the Summerlicious program which is a great deal of $25 or $35 3-course dinners at many city restaurants. Offers great opportunity to sample places, but reservations are often full due to the popularity. Here's the list:

          1. Mezes on the Danforth, the name means small plates and they do excellent seafood, nice for sharing and the service is great - my favourite is the calamari gemisto - whole tubes of squid stuffed with feta, bread crumbs and herbs and cooked in a spicy tomatoe sauce kinda like a squid canneloni.

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