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Jul 11, 2007 07:33 AM

Home... the Resturant

A friend of mine spent the weekend at Shin Estates out on the North Fork of LI. She came back and told me how amazing the food was at the B&B... we came to learn that the owners of Shin estates also own Home Restaurant on Cornelia St. Has anyone been? What are your thoughts?

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  1. been around for ages on cornelia along with po and pearl. nice spot, more casual than other places but solid food. they have bleu cheese fondue.

    its not a destination place but a solid choice in the area.

    1. I've never loved it. I was just reading about Shin and I'd love to check out. In concept I love home, I even really like the menu. The flavors are always just a little off for me. I know that's not too specific, but that's always how I've left feeling. Quality ingredients, tastes just don't work like they should.

      1. Ate at Home for the first time on Sunday and thought it was fantastic. The flavors, ingredients and ambiance are just what the name implies - like a really good home cooked meal.

        1. I've been for brunch and dinner and been underwhelmed by food quality at each.

          1. We love "Home", and it's a not to be missed restaurant for us when we are in NY...We have been going for many years...We have never had anything but wonderful experiences there...We love to start with the bleu cheese fondue, my son loves the duck, I love their Mac and Cheese (decadent), and we always finish with their homemade chocolate pudding...The wine list is wonderful...