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Dinner in Philly - Business Casual

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NYer will be in Philly Monday and Tuesday night - looking for two nice dinners with my GF - we will be dressed business casual. Cost, type, or location are not an issue - just looking for a nice place with great food. Is stripped bass any good?

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  1. Matyson
    Caffe Casta Diva

    1. There are very few places in Philadelphia where you'd need to be more than business casual in the summer. LBF, I guess, and maybe The Fountain? I happen to be a big fan of Lacroix when it comes to impress-the-GF-at-any-expense dinners, but that's me. Search around this site, and ask more questions.

      1. My two favorite places in the city at the moment are Ansill and Osteria, you would not be out of place in business casual at either of them.

          1. Matyson has a fabulous tasting menu on week nights. Here is this weeks:

            Tempura Softshell Crab
            Jicama & blueberry slaw, spicy cantaloupe gazpacho

            Grilled Sirloin Skewers
            Cucumber salad, peanut butter sauce

            Pan Roasted Scallops
            Bacon & green lentils, curry zucchini sauce

            Roasted Rack of Lamb
            Lemon thyme risotto, tomato confit

            Lemonade Cake
            Stewed blueberries, whipped cream

            $45, 5 courses, available Monday through Thursday.

              1. Yes, Striped Bass is excellent.
                So is Susannah Foo's and Brasserie (all in the same area).
                Bliss on Broad Street near the Kimmel Center and Estia -- Greek seafood -- (across from the Academy of Music) are also upscale and classy.
                Near the Art Museum is Water Works and next to 30th Street is Rae's -- both sophisticated and stunning decor (although the first five I mentioned offer better fare IMHO.)

                1. I think Striped Bass has lost something. Would suggest Amada, Gayle, Ristorante Panorama.