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Jul 11, 2007 07:15 AM

Best Mexican?

Looking for a good Mexican restaurant. Will go anywhere in Manhattan, but was thinking about the Village....

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  1. While it's not in the village, Tulcingo del Valle is great. It's super authentic, cheap and homemade. It's by no means a trendy place, more like a "hole-in-the-wall." What type of atmosphere are you looking for?

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      I second Tulcingo. Their platos are killer. And also try the tacos at Tehuitzingo while you're up there. Most Mexican that costs more than they do is BS anyway. Also, El Paso Taqueria on the UES is amazing

      1. re: raji212

        I'm often confused by your superlatives. El Paso Taqueria is amazingly average, although the one at 103rd is better than their 97th St branch. They certainly aren't up to the level of Tulcingo del Valle or Tehuitzingo. Better yet, a trip up to 116th St will most likely yield better Mexican food than is found in the rest of Manhattan. Otherwise, get to the outer boroughs.

        1. re: E Eto

          I'm not sure what superlatives you are referring to.

          I had a very very good meal at 107. I think I just ordered very well. Tulcingo was still my recc. Spanish Harlem might as well be an outer borough.

          1. re: raji212

            How about a real report about what you ordered? I think that would be helpful to know. I've had a taste of about 90% of what they have at the 97th St branch, and like I said, it's very average. Many items below average.

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              To me, El Paso on 97th St., which is v. close to me, is "fine", not great, average. The guacamole when we were there last Friday was surprisingly good. We also had the fried calamari -decent, nothing to rave about. Both had tacos - not inspired, but fit the bill. I enjoyed my margaritas, but I'd had a rough work week, so I would probably enjoyed any (non-frozen) margarita. I do wonder if the other branch is actually much better - I keep trying to convince my husband to try it, to no avail thus far. What can you tell me to tell him to convince him otherwise?

            2. re: raji212

              I think he meant your characterization of El Paso as "amazing." I personally am not such a fan either. Not terrible, just not worth the trip, imo. I definitely agree re the rec of Tulcingo, though I don't quite get the appeal of Tehuitzingo. I used to live down the block from both and almost always opted for the former. Two other places I like are Pio Maya, though I haven't been since they reopened, and Downtown Bakery. Otherwise 116th St or the outer boroughs as Eric suggests.

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                ok ok - sorry guys - darn eG you can't go edit a post - even after I posted, I rethought that statement, so no, it was not amazing, but what I had at 107th was very very good.

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                  Actually, you can edit a post, within a 2 hour window. You should see an "Edit" link at the bottom of your post" within that time frame.

      2. Atmosphere isn't important. But i forgot to mention that there should be vegetarian options (which most Mexican restaurants have....)

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          Then this sounds like your place! As far as vegetarian options, I highly recommend the cheese enchiladas or cheese chilaquiles. You will love it!

        2. La Esquina-- ever since going there last weekend I can't tell enough people how impressed I was by it. Great salads, great corn, and awesome white bean tacos (as far was vegetarian options go...)

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          1. re: jdream

            I second that. I am actually surprised that Esquina is not more chowhounded.

          2. Went to mole (allan st.) loved the food and service. its obviously “home made” and cocked with love. App. two entrées, desert and coffee for fifty. its BYOB which is nice (no corking charge).

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            1. re: iwgy

              Mole on Allen is good. There is a separate thread with comments/reviews. I agree with efreid and find Mexican in NYC (vs. San Diego, etc.) leaves alot to be desired. Didn't know Mole was still BYOB and no corkage is really nice.

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                As far as I know Mole got their liquor license and ceased to be BYOB sometime back in the late-summer/early fall. The food is still relatively fresh, but many dishes are overpriced and the space falls just South of charmingly-cramped on the comfort scale. Be wary of any fried dishes (scallops, fish tacos) as they tend to over-bread everything into flavor oblivion.

            2. I'm a big fan of Suenos in Chelsea....When that restaurant is on, it's great...Charming atmosphere in "hidden" spot with urbanscape views.