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Jul 11, 2007 07:08 AM

Semi-casual eating by Brooklyn Heights?

Hey all, my girlfriend is in Brooklyn Heights for an internship and I want to take her out to dinner when I visit her this weekend. Any suggestions on an American or Italian place in the area where I can wear black pants and a button-down and she can wear a black dress while spending $80-100 for the two of us? I'm over 21 and prefer beer to wine, and she's under. Thanks!

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  1. If you're doing beer instead of wine you could get by for under $100 for two at Henry's End (44 Henry St.). By most accounts the best food in the neighborhood, and a fun local place. Entrees are in the $20-25 range. Appetizers and desserts are around $10, and most are enough to share. They also have a very decent beer list.

    No reservations for parties of two, but you can wait at the Henry St. Ale House (or walk to the Promenade) and they'll give you a call on your cell when your table is ready.

    1. I'd recommend Noodle Pudding on Henry between Middagh and Cranberry. Good, moderately priced Italian fare, and the setting is semi-casual -- more of a neighborhood place than a fancy restaurant, but it's nice enough for a special dinner.

      1. Noodle Pudding - its next store to Henry's End. It is true that the beer selection is better at Henry's End, and the food may even be slightly better. However, they have a fine bar, very good food at Noodle Pudding. More so, is has an atmosphere and menu that you are likely to find more appealing (take a look at both). Also, unless you want to, there are very few restaurants in NYC where you need to dress up at all. Lastly, no one is going to ask for an id at almost any restaurant in NYC...just drink responsively.

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          i'll also throw my vote in for noodle pudding. i go there somewhat often as i live in the neighborhood. most recently i went with 2 friends when one of their boyfriends came into town for a visit, all 4 of us are in our early 20's. we split a bottle of wine, shared 2 appetizers, and everyone had their own main dish, total bill was around $125 including tax and tip. nice atmosphere, good service, i would not feel out of place wearing black pants and a button down.

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            Trust me, if I had my way I wouldn't dress up at all :) That's her big idea. Thanks all for the suggestions... I think we will try Noodle Pudding.

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              You should know that Noodle pudding doesn't take reservations. Because they're popular you'll have to wait for a table unless you arrive when it first opens.

              1. re: Bob Martinez

                And they don't accept credit cards -- cash only.