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Jul 11, 2007 07:06 AM

Need good recs for dinner in Greenville, SC

My husband and I are headed to Greenville a couple weekends from now to visit some friends who just moved there. We are not familiar with the area...Where are some good places for dinner Saturday night that are nice, but not too, too pricey? Thanks!

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  1. There have been several recent threads on the G'ville area - you may want to try searching for those.

    1. Search fo Danna's threads, athough I don't think she's a great fan of Greenville's cuisine!

      1. All of the restaurants below are found downtown (from North Main all the way down through the West End, but walkable end to end)

        Oysters on the West End - seafood, very casual, great outdoor deck

        Lazy Goat - tapas style, really great food

        Cazbah - also tapas, small space, often cramped during dinner hours, but good (beware, smoking is allowed after 11)

        Lemongrass - good Thai food

        Soby's - better for drinks and apps than anything

        O - upscale "steakhouse" with a very, very creative chef. they offer a $35 prix fix every night, along with their full menu

        Brown Street Jazz Cafe - live music on the weekends, ok food, good service

        Sushi Murasaki - decent sushi (my 3rd favorite in Greenville), many other non-sushi items

        Chicora Alley - a lot of people rave about this place, good atmosphere for drinks, but I think the food is passable at best.

        Not really recs or favorite places, but if you are looking for:
        pizza and tons of beers on tap - Barley's
        chain bbq - Sticky Fingers
        late night pizza (until 2am) - Bertoli's
        wings and beer - Wild Wings
        chill space with calzones, pizza, comfort food - Mellow Mushroom
        ice cream - Spill the Beans
        dessert and coffee - Coffee Underground or Port City Java
        throw back lunch - Hot Dog King
        nothing special but nice view - Overlook Grill
        new and haven't tried - West Inlet Oysters
        somewhere pretty to hang out, but not eat - Latitude
        good people watching space and good sandwiches (bbq and burgers) - Smoke on the Water

        Enjoy your time! There are tons of great options in downtown Greenville!

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          Really, really bad meal at Oysters at the West End. Will never return. I hear Trattoria Giorgio is good, as well as Sassafrass. Don't go near Charlie's Steak House - horrible food. Outside of downtown, City Range is very good.

        2. I would reccommend Blue Fire Grille. We have gone 4 or 5 times now and never been disappointed. Get a reservation though or wait could be 1 or more hours.
          I will ask though where they live in GRN? If near downtown then head to Oysters suggested by ap but if they live in a suburb (Simpsonville, Mauldin, etc) they have some good places too so let me know and I can tell you something close. I personally live in S'ville.

          1. Take a look at the menu (updated every week) on line at 33 Liberty


            I love it when I can see a current menu on line so I can tell if there is something i want, and more critically something my picky-ass husbadn will like. Note that the menu is a set price, 33 for 2 courses up to 50 for 5.

            It's small, you'll need a reservation.

            If that doesn't float your boat, or if you want to be downtown, as people often do...tell us what your idea of a great restaurant is....