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Jul 11, 2007 06:55 AM

Williamsburg Recs

Chowhound coming up from Baltimore next week. My wife is finishing mastering a cd project and I'm wandering around eating and drinking. I'll be trying to check out some good beer bars... spuyten duyvil, barcade, mugs etc.. she thinks I'm a beer dork but I work in a brewery, I can't help it. Looking for great dinner places, moderate budget $30 to $60 per person, out door seating (if it's not dreadfully hot), nice wine list. I searched the board and there seems to be a lot of controversy over FADA, juliette and some others. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. There are a ton of restos in W’burg but not all are any other neighborhood in NYC.
    Off the top of my head I would recommend Dumont on Union Ave, just off Metropolitan. They do the “American Bistro” thing pretty well. Great burgers and really good mac & cheese and they have a big back yard. The owners also have 2 other places in Williamsburg: Dumont Burger on Bedford (btwn S. 1 and S. 2nd), a very small place that specializes in their awesome burgers and has more of a bar kind of feel. Their other place is Dressler on Broadway, right across from Peter Lugar. This is the more upscale resto of the three, great decor and excellent service with a more modern, gastronomically oriented menu.

    I also like Diner which is right down the block on Broadway. It’s in an old diner but doesn’t do the diner thing at all. More of the bistro thing; burgers, fish, steak, but done very well. And they have a small outdoor area.

    These are just a few, I’m sure other hounds will have much more to ad.
    Have a good time.

    1. Aurora - Grand st between Wythe ave & Kent ave.

      Great place, delicious rustic Northern Italian dishes, super fresh pasta and straight from the garden ingredients. Really cute place, tucked away off the main drag. Also has a nice outdoor vine covered patio. Prob want to make a res if you want to guarantee an outdoor seat. This is by far my favorite place in Williamsburg. Smaller menu, but everything's great, especially the daily specials.

      1. spuyten duyvil is definitely a must. best beer selection in the city and has a great backyard, so you could sit outside there and munch on their snacks. there's a new bbq place across the street from spuyten duyvil called fette sau that's pretty good, if you like bbq. Nothing spectacular, but bbq's nice in this weather and it certainly fits your budget.

        Unless you're really set on it, by the way, I'd skip barcade. I find it to be a pretty obnoxious scene, and often very overcrowded.

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          The restaurant recs you've received here seem pretty spot-on so far. I'd also recommend Baci Abracci (on Grand between Bedford & Driggs) for fresh, clean italian standards and very reasonable wine offerings in a quiet, outdoor setting. You might also want to stop by Moto down on Broadway near the Hewes stop (J Train): it pains me to recommend it because the place is already starting to get too much attention, but the food offerings are always interesting, prices are extremely reasonable, and the space itself is an imaginative experiment in eclectic industrial allure.

          After hitting Spuyten Duyvil, I'd also recommend you check out Wells Ales & Lagers (on Bedford & S. 2nd), which has something like 10 taps and over 100 bottles evenly balanced between Belgian, German, British, and American offerings (Spuy-Duy tends to skimp on the American brewers in my experience). Finally, if you start to miss your office for some reason, stopping by the Brooklyn Brewery a few blocks North in Greenpoint may interest you - while the beers aren't my favorite, they are definitely a NY institution these days.

          1. re: CalJack

            Thanks for all the quick replies. Looks like a great list. I've done the Brookyn Brewery thing and unfortunately won't be there for a weekend cookout or pool party. How would you rate the Sixpoint Beers? Can't get those in MD.

            1. re: aubzamzam

              Sixpoint is an excellent local brewery. I guess they fall into the "craft" catagory since, as far as I can tell, their runs are limited to small batches that are distriduted in kegs to local bars only. I've never seen anything in bottles.
              I've heard they have about 6 or so different styles but I've only ever run across the Sweet Action, Brownstone, and East Coast Amber. Each one was very good and I wish I had time to describe them here. If I had to rate them I would give them an 8 out of 10...but that's just me.
              Put it this way, I was in a bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn last Friday and they ran out of Six Point Sweet Action by around 9:30. It's pretty popular.

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                actually the previous post is from me... my co-worker forgot to sign out and I accidentally posted under his user id... guess we're not getting a lot of work done around here today.

                1. re: aubzamzam

                  Sixpoint makes an intensely hoppy IPA (goes by the name Bengali Tiger, I think) that never gets old for me. Their Righteous Rye offers a somewhat smoother hops delivery. Tons of places carry the Sweet Action these days, which is a fruity-piney-subdued-hops summer beer that always seems to promise more in its first few sips than it is ultimately able to deliver. They make a nice brown ale and oatmeal stout that I'd lend my support to as well - good luck!

              2. re: williej33

                I wouldn't skip Barcade, but I do know what you mean about the crowd. But that is only a problem later in the evening. Not crowded at all during the happy hour, which I believe is 5-8, $1 off a pint. And they usually have a couple from Sixpoint, which I also strogngly recommend.

              3. Dressler for chi-chi excellent food with a trip to Marlow & Sons (few blocks away) prior for an aperitif and an app or Marlow & Sons after for a degistif and dessert.

                Bozu for outdoor sushi and japanese tapas with spuyten duyvil nearby for trappist beers before or after.

                Sweetwater tavern for outdoor casual bistro diner (quality has varied over time, but the current chef is i think very good again) and juliette (don't eat there) rooftop for drinks.

                Dumont for neighborhood vibe and bistro fare in nice outdoor garden (good brunch)... combined with barcade for large beer selection... and well, video games.

                And well, you can also do the brooklyn brewery weekend cookout / roast.