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Jul 11, 2007 06:52 AM

Sour cherries?

Can you buy those in our area?

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  1. I saw some at the River Street Whole Foods market last night - quart containers from Red Jacket Orchards in New York for about 6 bucks. I've had those in the past and they're very good. In past years I've also seen them (from Red Jacket) at Wilson Farms, AND at some Stop&Shop supermarkets - in the latter case, at MUCH lower prices. I'll be checking there obsessively for the next week or so to see if I can stock my freezer.

    There have also been scattered reports of seeing them at farmer's markets recently - I know that Cook's Orchards (who have stands at several markets) have them in very limited quantities for a week or two every year - if you want those, get to the market when it opens, as they sell out fast.

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      The pie stand at Union Sq. (Sat.) has had them the past 2 weeks, $7/qt. last week. They're also at Brookline (Thurs.) where she said the cherries sell really fast (all those Eastern Europeans).

    2. Smolak farm and Tougas farm have sour cherry picking starting this week. I think you can buy them prepicked.

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        Sour cherry season is finished locally. The last of the late varieties of sweets are now being picked. Thet too will soon be done for the season.There afre very, very few grown in massachusetts as al trees really need to be netted to keep the birds from destroying the crop, and that is difficult, expensive and risky (thunderstorms can tear the netting off an orchard in two minutes flat!) Now is blueberry and summer raspberry season. Peaches and nectarines will soon be in season. If you've never picked a tree ripe peach off a tree, then you've NEVER eaten a peach.
        Check out our website.

      2. Update: Stop & Shop now has them in stock! They're from a farm in New York (although not Red Jacket Orchards, as I erroneously reported above) and they're a relative bargain: 3 bucks a quart. I got some last night at the store near Union Square, Allston (I think on North Beacon st.) - I don't know all the stores have them or not. They were in excellent condition, but they deteriorate pretty quickly (and probably sell out as well) so I'd go soon.

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          I found some at Stop & Shop in Saugus on Squire Rd. last night. $2.99/qt= great price. And they're still in good condition.

          ... my Eastern European boyfriend loved them :)

        2. Not sure where you are- but I did see them this weekend at Wilson Farms in Lexington.

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            Got them at Fruit Center in Milton last week!

          2. Sour cherry season is over. If you are seeing someting labeled sour cherry at farmer's markets, they are likely Dukes, a sweet-sour hybrid. Only possibility that they are "real" sour cherries is if they come froma very Northern location.