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Jul 11, 2007 06:27 AM

Where should I go for RW?

Who has the most interesting menu? Where can I go for RW that will give me a good approximation on what the real menu is like? Who has options other than chicken and salmon?


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  1. Personally, I think RW is the worst time to go to a restaurant, most serve smaller portions and very limited menus. There are a few that might actually serve much of their regular menu (Grotto, for example) but I am sure that other "hounds" can tell you who does that. Most of the restaurants seem to scale back on their options and ingredients to meet what looks like a great deal but really isn't.

    1. This past RW, I had some fantastic meals in restaurants I probably would never have gotten around to. Davio's, Pigalle and Lumiere all did it right.

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        I concur on Pigalle and Lumiere. I actually thought my RW experience at Pigalle was better than when I went a few months later for a normal dinner.

        I've also enjoyed the Blue Room, Icarus, Radius, and Taranta. I don't bother with RW too much anymore, though.

        1. re: DoubleMan

          I also had a nice winter RW at Icarus and would recommend it.

      2. Yes, Pigalle especially always seems to get great reviews from the normally RW-phobic Hounds. BFP and I haven't been there, but we may have to try this time round.

        We had a wonderful meal at the Beacon Hill Bistro during the March RW ( ) On the other hand, other Boston Hounds loveloveLOVE Grotto, but we had a terrible dinner there during the same period, and many folks pointed out that Grotto offers an any-3-course package year-round that's nearly the same price as the RW menu. ( )

        1. The restaurants who are serving a good menu for restaurant week vary from year to year, although some consistently try to impress.

          I've found that if you go to a restaurant serving the regular menu as well as the prix fixe, those are often the ones who make an effort to put together a good meal.

          1. I think Henrietta's Table (Kitchen) offered their full menu for the entire month on year (and I've returned several times based on that lovely, generous offer). The food was very good and I still judge all cream of mushroom soup with theirs as the gold standard. Pigalle, Davio's, Stanhope Grille, Smith & Wollensky's, and Flemings round out the top 6. I did not enjoy the food or the service at Brasserie Jo's, Taranta, Mistral.