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Jul 11, 2007 06:25 AM

Tastefully Simple... what to order?

I'm not a big fan of prepackaged or convenience type foods but I was invited to a Tastefully simple demonstation tonight and I have no idea what to order. Any suggestions? I have tried a few of their things at some family functions and they tasted pretty good, but I feel I could make much better sauces, dips, etc. at home using fresh ingredients for much cheaper. Anything good and worth the money?

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  1. They have a few different kinds of beer bread that are nice. Not cheap, but nice.

    1. Someone gave me one of those beer bread mixes. It sat in my cupboard so long I eventually threw it out.
      Most of the spice mixes I have seen that they carry have similar ones in the stores and most were something you could mix up in your kitchen and re-bottle.
      I think Tastefully Simple is heavy on gimmick and less about food quality. It seems to be marketed as a system for busy working mothers who don't know how to cook.

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        I've looked at their catalog and thought the same thing about the spices and dip mixes and stuff. The beer bread was pretty good, but there are some local women who are making up beer bread mixes now so I'll be patronizing them. We did the TS thing because one of Mike's customers was into it. But I'm not interested in making any special effort to get the stuff.

      2. TS is a private-label repackaging of products that you would probably
        pass by in the supermarket. Their criteria is not more than half-hour to prepare
        and no more than two ingredients to add -- be it water or an egg, etc.

        Best way to hold on to a non-purchase resolve is to look at
        the ingredient list and note the high volume of preservatives
        and other unpronounceable additives.

        Their sales strategy seems to work on a methodology of
        peer-pressure, tinged with shame.
        Try to resist being bullied into buying.
        I'm not generally such a downer, but this 'semi-homemade' stuff
        is not really food...

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