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Jul 11, 2007 06:13 AM

Using a cabbage core for teething?[Moved from General Topics]

Hi All,

Not sure if this is the right board for this. If not, the chowhound gods will put it in the right place. Has anyone ever heard of giving a cabbage core to a teething baby? A friend of mine mentioned it and I tried to research it and found some references as well as recipes for cabbage teething biscuits but I was wondering if there is a medicinal value or it just feels good on the gums. My nephew is popping teeth and my sister is trying to stay organic.

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  1. Common sense tells me the practice can have very dangerous consequences. Baby teeth are very sharp and it is possible that a baby could bite off a chunk of the cabbage core and choke.

    It's not quite as obvious as feeding a young child hard candies and whole grapes, but I think it's just as risky.

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    1. re: edibleTO

      I thought about the same thing just as I would worry about some frozen fruits, though wrapping those securely in a frozen washcloth seems to be the solution. I am more curious if the cabbage contains something that sooths the gums or brings down the imflamation.

      1. re: rHairing

        Cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties. An old folk remedy for mastitis is to place cabbage leaves against the breast . . . I know this because a friend of mine who was bedeviled by mastitis after her first baby tried this and it helped, although she said it was very odd to walk around with cabbage in her bra. :)

    2. This is one of my hot-button soap box issues.
      My own dear daughter turned blue and stopped breathing after biting off a chunk of a teething biscuit. A classic type that had been used for generations. She was sitting right in front of me. Thank God. Grabbed her right away but I had to turn her upside down and smack her on her back several times to dislodge it.
      After that, no hard food items. Period. If they could go down her throat, they were off limits.
      As EdibleTO says, a baby can bite off or chew down anything to a size small enough to choke on, organic or junk. Frankly, do we really need to be giving our children food all day, every day?
      There are good quality safe baby teething toys available, some of which can go into the freezer. Get a few of those for the baby to soothe its gums with. Of course there are old folk recipes for "teething biscuits." They didn't have access to good modern teething toys. We do and our children are safer for them.
      Off my soap box.

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      1. re: MakingSense

        Trust me, my sister is very aware of the choking issue. she won't even give the little guy zwiebacks. however, a friend of mine said she was given a cabbage core and I am very curious as to why? Is there something medicinal?

        1. re: rHairing

          It could be something as simple as it was there, it was free and it soothed the baby to gnaw on something hard and somewhat resilient. Kept him happy while you finished making dinner. Cabbage was a common storage vegetable that was a mainstay through winters so it would have been much more commonly used than it is now.
          It does have lots of vitamins so perhaps that helped but the benefits may be more mechanical and convenience.
          In the South, we used bourbon to soothe the gums of teething babies. Sort of a predecessor to Ora-gel. A fussy baby on your lap, dip your finger in your high ball and rub it on the baby's gums where the tooth was breaking through. I suppose that sounds horrifying today but the baby went happily to sleep. No wonder.

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            That makes sense. I jokingly mentioned rubbing whiskey on his gums as my mom did, and my sister was mortified.

            1. re: rHairing

              You might suggest teething granules - or any sort of homeopathic teething tablets, which are usually made from chamomile.