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Jul 11, 2007 06:10 AM

Where I've Been Eating in Delray

So I haven't really cooked since Hurricane Wilma... Fell off the kitchen wagon and never really got back on. Here's where I've been eating.

A few days ago we ate at Senior Burrito in Delray on Federal Hwy. I believe it is owned by the same folks who one Senior Burrito in Boca. But noticeably absent was the cinnamon mole sauce which seems to come on everything at the Boca location - can't stand it. I had the beef soft tacos which came with the salsa and onion/parsley on the side so I could fix it the way I wanted it. The Spanish rice was fresh and tasty as well as the refried beans. My friend got the fajitas which were also good. We were very happy.

Last week we ate at the Oriental Palace in the old Levitz Plaza on the Boca/Delray Border. The food was good but there were two things that bothered me. We ordered the shrimp toast appetizer. Very good... except until I took that bite with the cold center. I am still here and it's been a week- but there's nothing like wondering if the shrimp was cooked before they made the dish or during. Then our waitress only brought one of the two dishes we had ordered. Maybe the other one is coming, we thought, so we ate. It never came and the waitress then claimed we'd never ordered it. We were reasonably full so we went and had ice cream instead. But that was a little weird.

Been going to John G's in Lake Worth for Breakfast about once a week, by myself. I guess I just like to look out the window. Took my mom there last week and they put us right next to the window. That was nice. Mom really enjoyed it. If I had more money I suppose I'd eat there every day. The food is good and there is just something relaxing about looking at the ocean.

Jennifer in Delray

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  1. Jennifer--

    I am visiting Delray Beach for the first time later this month. Do you have any recommendations for places to eat in that area (besides what you've already listed)?


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      The Pineapple Grill on Geroge Bush Ave has good food and, he service is fine. The place is charming and sitting outdoors is appealing. I am almost 100% anti outdoor eating but this place is an exception for me. Cafe Luna Rosa is on A1A near the Atlantic Ave intersection and has had very good food in the past which I have enjoyed. My last two visits however were sub par but it probably won't keep me from trying it again. I find the proximity to the ocean appealing and I can sit inside and still enjoy the traffic on the street. Atlantic Ave is loaded with good possibilities (not great perhaps but lively and casual food). Trendy and expensive is also available but that is out of my perview, so I'll leave that to others. Enjoy!

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        There are several great choices on Atlantic Avenue or just off the Ave. 32 East is the top choice for fine dining. Two shops west of 32 East is a new greek restaurant that has a South Beach atmosphere and excellent Greek food. Further east on the Ave. is Tramonti for italian food - great pasta. Just off Atlantic on 2nd ave is Kyoto for excellent sushi. For a mixed menu and funky atmoshpere, try Dada on Swinton. If you like "dive" bars as your name suggests, go to O'Connors pub for drinks - an inexpensive, casual neighborhood bar located two blocks off Atlantic Ave. on 2nd St. in the Pineapple Grove section of town. As for Luna Rosa, it's a nice location across from the beach but the lunch and dinner are not great; however, it's a very good choice for breakfast. Next door is Shore, which also has prime real estate but my experience has been that the food and service are average to below average.

      2. Jennifer, the last time we ordered take-out from that Chinese restaurant, my husband and I were ill for days.

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        1. re: diablita FL

          I agree that Luna Rosa has gone downhill in the past 2 years for lunch and dinner but their breakfasts are still great. Their menu has got smaller and they never change it I think it has been stuck at the current one for the past year, their food is less tasty and less interesting.
          don't forget Dada - terrific food and beautiful to sit outside.

        2. Thanks so much for the recs so far! Any thought on where to find good Cuban food in Delray, or should I try to get some when I visit Miami?

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          1. re: DiveBarIntellect

            Dive: For good Cuban food in Delray, try Brisa Atlantica (9 SE 7th Ave. off corner of E Atlantic Ave). Great atmosphere, outdoor porch, excellent drinks, on weekends there's live music. You could wait til you get to Miami and go to Versailles on Calle Ocho (3555 SW 8th St).

            1. re: Suzyummy

              I like the atmoshphere at Brisa, but have been told the food is not that great. On the north corner of Atlantic just east of Swinton is Cabana El Rey, which is popular but I can't say it would compare with the choices in Miami.

              1. re: Suzyummy

                Brisa Atlantica is out of business. at first they were great. went down hill very quickly and got very dirty. health dept sited them on several critical violations.

              2. re: DiveBarIntellect

                Try heading a little south to Boca and the Cuban Cafe ( 3350 NW Boca Raton Blvd. 750-8860.) Really good Cuban food at reasonable prices. They're located in a small strip plaza (so what else is new) and are open for lunch M-F

                Cuban Cafe
                3350 NW Boca Raton Blvd Ste B32, Boca Raton, FL 33431

                1. re: RickL

                  If you like casual seafood, Boston's on the Beach is a great place. They have a classy restaurant upstairs with a very nice menu, and more casual stuff (whole lobsters, sandwiches, etc.) on the bottom floor. There is also live music and entertainment at night. Not a bad place to spend some time, if you ask me (and you like Boston Clam Chowdah!)

              3. I used to get the chocolate (not cinamonn) mole at Senior Burrito but they did, as you mentioned, take it off the menu about 6 months ago. I suspect a lot of people ordered it not knowing quite what they were getting, and it is definitely an "aquired taste" not for everyone.

                1. I've lived 10 blocks from "the Ave" for 7 years now. When we are going out for a reasonable meal, I pretty much have three choices... Bru's Room for a casual burger and beer (their hot grilled wings are the best around)... Lemongrass for Thai (when they first opened the prices were VERY under-market but now they have come up a lot) but it is still excellent... and the unique DaDa with cool atmosphere and interesting and very good food (I like the maple haberbero glazed salmon - wife loves the crab cakes and she's from Maryland).