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Sabretts, Nathans or Hoffy with Casings

Where can i get any of these in bulk uncooked, or just a good hot dog with casing in the Hollywood or Culver City Area?

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  1. Pink's web site says they use Hoffy.

    1. They aren't sold in Bulk... but perhaps they can help you out... but Ralphs carries Nathans with natural casings....


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        I misunderstood the question.

        I saw "bulk uncooked OR just a good hot dog with casing in Hollywood " and responded to the second part.

      2. It's in the valley, but the European Sausage Company, in a little industrial park just west of Coldwater Cyn, makes incredible hot dogs with casings. It's a local artisan operation. Their kielbasa is the best I have had, and they have three or four types of bacon, as well as many other exotic products. Well worth a trip.

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          It's on Roscoe. Their Kielbasa is really special. I have never tried their hot dogs but it sounds like I'm going to have to do so.

        2. This is to make at home, correct?

          Believe it or not, Boar's Head hot dogs (sold at many grocery stores) have natural casings. Likewise, there's a brand called Cantella's which also have natural casings. Cantella's are more difficult to find; however, they're sold as the house brand at Gelson's & Mayfair. Personally, I really like the seasoning of the Cantella's dog. It's very distinctive.

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            Original Tommys and now defunct Between the Bun use Cantella's. You can also buy Cantella's at Trader Joes-not sure if they have natural casing.

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              Do you know what happened to between the Bun? I liked it, but that construction must have killed him.

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                Too bad, I talked to the owner (Sean?) a couple times before they closed and he said he was looking for other locations to expand..he talked about Pasadena and somewhere in the SGV. That was when some CH's were saying his hours were getting sporadic and business was improving. He'll pop up again somewhere.

                Construction might have been an initial factor but I was the first to say that I didn't think he'd survive in that neighborhood selling a $4-$5 hot dog where they're selling $1 tacos.

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              Boars head, Nathans and Sabrett all come with and without casings. Look at the label. All hot dogs are fully cooked when you buy them. I like Nathans and Hebrew National.

            3. Marukai in Gardena on Western/Artesia carries Hoffy Coney style dogs (NC-with natural casing) loose packed in meat trays at $4/lb. They always have them. I don't know about their other locations.

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                I love those hotdogs, really snappy as well

              2. Square-H Brands, located in LA, makes Hoffy and I think could help you. The company's number is 323-267-4600.

                1. Golden West Trading
                  (323) 581-3663

                  They are a wholesaler in the city of Vernon, just outside downtown. They carry the Hoffy hot dogs you're looking for, the same ones that Pink's serves. It about a 10# case. I buy all my meat from them.

                  1. I've seen Nathans with the natural casing at Albertson's. If you can find Sabrett's, go with those.

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                      Nathan's can also be found at Ralph's and Sabrett's at some Albertson's along with packages of pre-cooked Sabrett's spicy onion topping.

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                        I can leave the onion topping, but I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for Sabrett's dogs at Albertson's. I personally prefer them to Nathans. Thanks for the tip!

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                          Not all Albertson's have the Sabretts with natural casings. I know for sure the one in Agoura has them.

                    2. Hey Burger Boy, maybe try Art. I used to buy them from him by the case. He does not offer them as a general rule but when you tell him it is for a big back-yard BBQ he may make a deal. He sold them to me a good price but that has been a while. Maybe go and have a great chili dog there and talk to ask to talk to Art. He does not work everyday so maybe give a call to ask when he will be there. I think he is there Friday and sat. If he is willing to do it he may need a few days notice to be sure he orders enough. Worth a try and I think he uses the same dogs Pink's has or better. He also makes a good chili.

                      Also, I recall Ralphs stores has a dog with a casing that they sell in their fresh meat display case. I have not bought them since Nathan's came back to L.A. stores but these are packaged at the store in a fresh meat package and sold by the pound. You might try some to see if you like the flavor and if you do then ask if you can buy a case.

                      The Art of Burgers
                      11629 E. Valley Blvd.
                      El Monte CA 91732
                      626 442-7554

                      1. ok here is the skippy on hot dogs in use at a certain colorful hot dog stand with long lines.

                        they use Hoffy Hollywood,s Original with natural casing
                        you can get them at one place that i know of.
                        Harvey Guss's Meat Co
                        2 pound boxes around 10 bucks
                        Los Angeles Area - 949 S Ogden Dr Los Angeles CA

                        (323) 937-4622

                        in la tell them Mike Said Hello!

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                          Recently had a hot dog from Let's Be Frank. Delicious!

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                            I had never heard of Let's Be Frank until a week or so ago. I found them at Vicente Foods in Brentwood and they are quite good. Uncured with natural casing. I still prefer Boar's Head natural casing Knockwurst, though.

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                              They also have them at Surfas and the market on Pico near Beverly Glen (Ithink).

                          2. re: mrbuzzsaw

                            They also carry the Hoffy Hollywood at Smart and Final in the freezer section as opposed to the lunch meat section with the rest of the hot dogs.

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                              Also used to fin Hoffy Hollywood in the FREEZER section not the regular hot dog sextion of Smart and Final. Ralph:s has their own Private Select hot dogs in natural casings. They are in the meat section by the Hillshire Farm stuff and NOT with the hot dogs in the lunch meat section.

                              1. re: mpron

                                Unless something has changed, the Ralph's natural casing dogs are/were a mixture of beef and pork.

                                1. re: Briggs

                                  Could be, but they are a good dog.

                                2. re: mpron

                                  Agreed on the Ralph's P.S. They're surprisingly good hot dogs, all too infrequently stocked, at least down here in Orange County. I've corresponded with the company about them, raving about the crunchy casing, but they still don't seem to be regular items.

                              2. I just got an email from a sales rep at Square H Brands (the owners of HOFFY), and she just told me that the natural casing variety of HOFFY is now available at your nearest GELSON'S. I have not been yet to check it out, but this info is coming directly from HOFFY so... it's probably accurate.

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                                  They also sell the Hoffy NC dogs at HOWS in Pasadena.