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Jul 11, 2007 05:49 AM

Can I add Lime Juice to Royal Icing?

Hey all... Just made some killer lime cookies this morning for a lime-freak-friend's birthday, and was just going to ice them with Royal Icing (R.I.) when it occurred to me that I could go even more overboard on the lime theme and add lime juice to the R.I..

I was going to use a R.I. using the meringue powder method, but was wondering if it would destroy the consistency &/or ruin the taste. Martha's meringue R.I. recipe is just 1 lb. confectioner's sugar and 5 TBL of meringue powder. If y'all don't think it would ruin the R.I., how much should I add?

Your baking expertise is much appreciated!

(totally off-topic, but these grilled shrimp skewers of Martha's look incredible:

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  1. Off the top of my head:

    Lime juice is fairly acidic, not generally as low a pH as lemon, but acidic enough to 'cook' the proteins in cerviche.

    Merinque powder has a lot of protein from egg.

    Denatured protein = runny icing.

    If you just use the oils of the lime you might be OK -- maybe very finely grated zest of the lime?

    1. Actually, I think you could use both zest and juice, substituting say a tablespoon of juice for some of the water. I think what I would do is add the juice first, then add a little water at a time until the icing has the consistency you want - I agree with renov8r that the juice would thin the icing, but cutting back on the amount of water in the recipe should compensate for that.

      1. Awesome.... Thanks Renov8r and Flourgirl! I am going to try now and "proceed with caution". I may edit this post or re-post and let you know the results! ;-)

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          Hi Tehama -

          I would definitely like to hear how things worked out for you! :)

        2. Oh my gawd ... y'all! They turned out SO good.

          I used the recipe from a fellow CH. Her post a few days ago directed me to her blog where you can get not only the recipe, but the pictures, too. (CaveCibum: I changed your recipe just a little by rolling them out thicker and cooking them longer @ 350. But the flavor was Aaa-Mazing.). I left her a message on her blog to see if they could be cooked without the lychees, and with her go-ahead, I made that recipe.

          But - to get to the icing.... I used Martha S's Royal Icing (R.I.) recipe... and of course I tinkered with it because I was afraid the sweetness of plain royal icing might hide the lime in the cookies. (


          FlourGirl and Renov8r, I used your zest idea and zested one lime to begin with. Martha calls for 1/2 c. water, so I did half water and half lime juice. Left everything else alone.

          That produced a fairly (but not horribly) runny R.I., so I added more confectioners sugar to stiffen it up. That much more sugar sort-of masked the lime flavor, so I poured in maybe another couple of TBL of lime juice..... beat it on high speed.... AND IT WAS AWESOME! Great consistency of icing, and awesome complementary flavors between the cookie and icing. It was also neat to see the little zesty-flakes lurking through the R.I.

          If you like Key Lime Pie, then you will love this succulent and tangy variation with CaveCibum's lime cookies.

          Hope y'all enjoy- and thanks again for the help. I just wasn't sure if the acidity in the lime juice would wreak havoc with the ingredients in the R.I. recipe. Glad to see it didn't!

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            Thanks so much for the follow up. I'm glad to hear things worked out so well. I love lime too so I'm going to have to try this icing myself. :0)

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              I'm glad they turned out so well. I'll give this a try next time I bake them.