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Jul 11, 2007 03:57 AM

Cafe Mami gone (?) and Danny's Diner steak + cheese, also Taqueria Mexicana (eh)

Tried to go to Cafe Mami for lunch yesterday since I was home, but it was all shut down at 12:10 in the afternoon. I know that gourmand888 had noted recently that perhaps the chef's wife was ill and they might be closing, so maybe the poster was right? I sure hope not since this was about the only stall joint in Porter Sq exchange that I liked to get food....if my hamburg set meals and tonkatsu are gone for good I'm going to be really bummed out.

Swallowing the bitter bile of disappointment after finding Cafe Mami shuttered, I continued up Beacon St to the new Danny's Diner and got a decent but unspectacular steak and cheese. Pretty bland stuff, and it didn't help that they failed to put on the hots that I asked for. Fairly nice little place though, and the people were friendly. Looks like maybe an OK place to get pancakes or an egg sandwich, and given the dearth of decent breakfast spots in the area I think I'll give 'em another shot in the morning.

Also finally went to Tacqueria Mexicana in Union Sq last Saturday....tried a chicken torta, which I have to say really wasn't all that great. Gloopy shredded chicken on a bad sub roll.......not good at all. Maybe there's better stuff on the menu, but my first visit here was fairly unimpressive.

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      1. re: Raedia

        oh, that's really good news if that's all it was. the combo of the recent post with rumors of their possible closing followed by my seeing them shut at lunch made me very nervous. thanks for the info.

        1. re: passing thru

          No worries! I've been caught unawares by the Tuesday closing myself, but it seems to be a regular thing. I just hope they aren't having other issues, as you mentioned!

        2. Aside from the cuban sandwich, what are other good recommendations off of the menu at Cafe Miami? I like the place and I live on the same street pretty much, but I hate looking like a rookie in there when I order!

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          1. re: heWho

            we're actually talking about cafe mami (not miami) here, which is a japanese place in the porter square exchange.

          2. There was a recent thread about the torta at Taqueria Mexicana being the only bad thing on the menu. Sorry you picked it. Next time try the nachos or chiles rellenos plate.

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            1. re: yumyum

              The chiles rellenos and tamales make me miss Texas.

            2. I like Cafe Mami's Japanese-style hamburg -- a beef/pork patty served over rice w/ a tomato or ginger sauce, and baked potato on the side.

              Supposedly they do good Japanese curry as well, but I go to Tampopo, virtually next door, for that.

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              1. re: Kenji

                The hamburger is good (if you're in the mood), the curry is very good (and you can get it with meat too, I think), and my favorite is the wafu chicken cutlet, very crispy/tender schnitzel that comes with salad, potato, rice, and a pile of moist grated daikon/scallion.

                1. re: Kenji

                  I like the Japanese curry at Mami a lot, but usually it's too hard to tear myself away from the Spicy Beef Bowl to order anything else!