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Jul 10, 2007 11:57 PM

Gas Stoves

Hi All,

The spouse and I are in the market for a high-consumer grade gas stove ($2000-$3000 range--gas with 4 decent burners and convection but not the faux-"professional" $3500+ range). We've been to A1Corbeil, Sears and a couple other places but nobody seems to have a lot of these on the floor. There's way more selection in electric since that's what most people seem to buy in Montreal. It's understandable but we'd actually like to touch and see the stove we want to buy before purchasing it. Can you recommend another store to visit?



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  1. Though I've never been inside, Almar (5400 Décarie -- the west service road between Édouard-Montpetit and Isabella -- 514 482-0007) certainly has a lot on display. I think this is their website:

    Friends bought a super DCS range -- a just-discontinued model at a considerable savings -- in the west end a couple of years ago. The store may have been Signature Bachand (8140 Décarie -- west service road between Ferrier and Royalmount -- 514 344-2425), though I can't vouch that it has a showroom (you could always call and ask). Will ask said friends when they return from vacation next week.

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      Signature Bachand has a showdown. Fairly large place. It's on the north side of Decarie boulevard. Around opposite, the Rib 'N' Reef steakhouse.

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        Signature Bachand and Almar will have far more selection in Gas than electric. I bought my gas oven from Signature Bachand. BTW, don't kid yourself re the "faux professional" models, they are indeed far more powerful than the more affordable models. Most of the higher end models have at least one burner that has more than 15.000 BTU's and can often turn the heat far lower than traditional gas or electric stoves for simmering. It is certainly not all about the professional looks.

    2. It depends which Corbeil you visit - there's a huge showroom at the one way out on the west island on Sources, with many models on display. They also have a liquidation centre in St. Leonard where they sell demos, floor models, etc. And Almar has a decent selection of stoves on display, although many are higher-end (and consequently, much higher-priced).

      1. Thanks for the replies, and please keep them coming. We definitely didn't know about the Corbeil outlet and the Signature Bachand, so we will look into those.

        Eat2Much: We considered a professional stove (they are gorgeous, for one thing), but many of the 2-3K consumer models have one or more 17,500btu burners as well as a low BTU simmer burner. Sure, 4 that can do it all is better, but if I think about how we cook, I'm not sure it makes that much of a difference (ie, we rarely need to boil 4 big pots of water at once or sautee 4 skillets worth of veggies at once). My impression is that many of the "professional" stoves need special hoods installed as well because of their high heat output (adding further to the price), that some require special reinforcement of the floor (we're going to be in a 2nd floor condo), and that the repair record on them isn't considerably better that the $2-3000 range. If I'm wrong about all this, I'd love to know. The Alamar guy tried to sell us on the new residential American Range ( but it has no track record whatsoever.

        I'd gladly spend another $1k on something that I plan to use every day for the next decade or two and that would be the centerpiece of our kitchen, but I want it to be worth it.



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          We are also in the market for a gas stove, and are taking our time looking around. You are right about the cost of the hood for profesional models--all that we have looked at are roughly another $1000 added to the price (and necessary for the power of the stove).

          We just received a flyer in the paper the other day advertising a place called Maison Ethier They seem to carry tons of stuff, but only a few of each item. I don't know if they are a sell-off place or what, but they had a double Viking stove in there for $3k+ that was regularly $5000. They are quite a distance from the city, but we are going to make the drive to see. Apparently one of the stores is 300,000 square feet?

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            In my case because my stove is against an interior wall we had to go with the Jenn-air downdraft model. Not the oven I'd always dreamed about but in the end was a few thousand dollars less than Viking, DCS, Thermidor, or the very coold Canadian made Northland.

            A great website for comparing items is

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              Our stove is against an interior wall too---can't we just install the ventilation to travel out the exterior? If not, me thinks my husband will be tearing down walls....

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                depends on how your cabinets are placed....

                In my old house we ran a vent up through the cabinet over the stove and then along the top of the cabinets to an exterior wall. In the new house the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling and would have had to be replaced or modified. Either that or we would have had to go through the second floor and onto the roof. Before you invest in the stove, check out the ventilation possibilities. You might find that you'll need to stick with electric.

        2. J.C. Perreault in the West Island off the 40 - has a really excellent selection of stoves, including gas stoves in your range. They have many floor models, including some that are hooked up for you to see how they work. My friend who redid her kitchen said that she looked everywhere, and that they had the best price and selection for higher range stoves. You should defintely check this place out. They also have an excellent selection of BBQ supplies.

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            I second this post. When we were looking to buy our Wolf stove, we went everywhere!...we got the best price and best service at JC Perrault. I will say one thing... do lots of research into the product you want...often the salesmen just make things up to make the sale (maybe it’s because they have many product’s specs to remember)

          2. Many thanks for all the replies. They are much appreciated. We're very close to making a choice.

            Now, I'm looking for a good gas plumber to set up the stove and piping. Can anyone make a recommendation? We'll be in the Jean-Talon market area, though I don't care where they're based so long as they're good.