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Thanksgiving turkey ice cream?

Does anyone know where to get these? It's basically ice cream shaped into a turkey. My mom and my sisters did a number on me and unanimously voted that Thanksgiving will be celebrated at my house this year.

I attended a Thanksgiving party a few years back and the host served these after a meal. It was an instant hit. I overheard someone say at that time they got it from The Grove or somewhere near there but I'm not sure.

Please point me to the right direction! Many thanks :)

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      I think I saw a Carvel in Marina Del rey are close by... WE loved this place in CT as a kid.

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        Seconding Hershey Bomar on Carvel. They used to have molded ice cream turkeys every Thanksgiving in NYC and New England, although I haven't seen them in years (in fact, until I Googled I didn't even know Carvel had outlets in SoCal).

        Check to make sure they still have them.


        Carvel Ice Cream
        11037 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

        Carvel Ice Cream
        9618 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

        Carvel Of Pasadena
        766 E Colorado Blvd #103, Pasadena, CA

        Carvel Ice Cream
        16281 San Fernando Mission Blvd, Granada Hills, CA 91344

      2. Had forgotten all about the bricks of vanilla ice cream with a design in the center-orange sherbet pumpkin, lime sherbet shamrock, etc. that we used to get. Each slice would have this design in center. Think the turkey one was chocolate ice cream design in the vanilla block. Doubt if anyone makes them now.

        1. Maybe you can check with some supermarkets and baskin robbins?

          1. Not sure if you wanted to put in this much work, but there are always turkey ice cream molds available (try Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma. Target is a cheaper option for seasonal items, but only close to that season). If push comes to shove, you can make your own gosh darn ice cream turkeys!

            1. Wow, when I saw this thread about "Turkey Ice Cream," I thought it was the latest flavor creation at Scoops. (Do you think he would include gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce too?)

              As Hershey Bomar suggests, Carvel does have a Thanksgiving ice cream cake: "layers of freshly made vanilla and chocolate ice cream separated by a layer of chocolate crunchies, covered with chocolate mousse decorated with red, yellow and orange icing on top." It's got a picture of a turkey on the top, rather than a true mold like their football or their "whale of a dad" cake. http://www.carvel.com/products/holida... There are Carvels all over the place now, check the store locator at that website.

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                I thought the exact same thing! I thought it was the next step in the decline started by Jones' Soda Company's "Turkey and Gravy Soda." (Which by the way, tastes as disgusting as it sounds.)

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                  me too! and you know that tai kim at scoops would somehow pull it off.

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                    HAHA- make that 4 of us. Maybe we should write to you-know-who and suggest it as a special fall flavor!

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                    me too...i thought about turkey flavored ice cream and wasn't sure i wanted to find out more

                  3. May I present to you... Turkey Ice Cream!

                    Bennetts Ice Cream at The Farmers Market made them for our holiday gathering. In 2 flavors, chocolate and coffee, our guests loved them and enjoyed the extra treat. It might be something you want to add for next year's Thanksgiving menu.

                    Bennett's Ice Cream

                    1. Hey Sharkgirl,

                      I think i know what you mean. it's the ice cream balls shaped like a turkey right? they place the ice cream ball on a cookie crust (for feet), add frosting for the tail and the face.

                      I believe they come from Baskin Robbins. BF's parents hosted last year and i finally tried them. Apparently they do snowmen for the winter too.

                      I know it's a year late, but i hope that helps.

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                        Back in the 1950's there were two ice cream desserts that were often served at Thanksgiving and Christmas. One was Snowballs, covered with cocoanut and decorated with frosting holly, often served with a birthday candle stuck into it. The other was little individual ice cream turkeys, covered with a thin candy shell that was painted to look like a roasted turkey. I loved them! The whole idea of eating a roasted turkey ice cream treat after eating a real turkey tickled my fancy at 8 or 9. I wish they were still around!

                        1. When I first saw this I thought, "Oh, wow, someone is going to make and people are going to then buy ice cream that tastes like turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and all the fixins!??"

                          Then I read it and it was like learning the call girl you picked up is an undercover cop ...

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                            My sentiments exactly. I thought the guy from Scoops might be whipping it up.

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                              Being served ice cream in the shape of a roast turkey would be like having the cop who pulled you over turn out to be a call girl.

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                                Then triples wouldn't that be a good thing ?