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Jul 10, 2007 09:13 PM

Brunch/Lunch before the Int'l Tennis Hall of Fame (Newport, RI)

We're going to visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport RI and would love some suggestions for Brunch/Lunch within walking distance. And maybe somewhere for ice cream afterwards, also within walking distance. Can you tell we're hoping to find parking nearby? :) Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Had lunch at Pasta Beach nearby. Very casual, authentic Italian. Heavily accented Italians working there.

    1. If you want something a bit upscale, walk down to The Chanler (formerly the Cliff Walk Hotel) and have lunch on the terrace at the Spiced Pear. You won't find a prettier spot in Newport. The menu is on their website

      1. Parking lot is across the street. La Forge is right next door and is fine but nothing fancy like The Chanler. La Forge has sandwiches, burgers, etc. You can get good ice cream at the Newport Creamery across the street.

        1. Newport has so many places to eat...even if you don't park right near the THOF- you'll still want to walk around after the match...

          Please go to Cold Fusion Gelato on thames. easily walkable.

          For food- If you want something really close- Griswolds- I have never been there - it's close and sort of "al fresco".
          Also close- is Puerini's but you may have to wait for dinner- The food there is GREAT!
          Canfield house/ Pat's pub is also really close- As well as the La Forge. I believe "the porch" section overlooks the THOF... could be cool.
          Also: the Hotel Viking- which is really close-by has an outdoor restaurant area...
          The Franklin Spa will offer up diner type breakfast- and Katerina's bakery- Near the Stop and Shop on Bellevue will have sandwiches to go (and maybe a table or two inside?)

          Oh what about 22 bowen's they have an outside area by the water as well as the Black Pearl- worth walking just a little bit farther.

          Good Luck :)

          1. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. :)

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              We ended up going to Pasta Beach for dinner. Service was nice, but a little off (it took a while for the waitress to realize we hadn't gotten menus, and only check in on our meal at the end to clear our table and find out that we were interested for dessert). Food was yummy - pumpkin ravioli (12 nice sized pieces), thin crust pizza in a pool of olive oil as a result of the pesto covering it. The day's special sangria was a small glass (perhaps 8 oz) - thought there'd be fruit, but it came plain. Found out desserts were purchased, but still the tirimisu was pretty good.

              We'd definitely would go back.