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Jul 10, 2007 09:12 PM

Jewish/Deli Food in Dallas?

Any recommendations for good Jewish Deli food in Dallas? Good bagels, smoked fish, pastrami etc.

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  1. Deli News (I think the one in North Dallas/Richardson - Campbell and Preston, perhaps?) is better than the one at Preston and 635.

    Cindy's...I think there are 3 locations. I frequent the one on the west side of 75 between Forest and Royal. FYI - the former owner of since closed Gilbert's, once one of the more traditional delis in town, has some relationship with the aforementioned Cindy's. I see him in there slicing corned beef and pastrami with some regularity.

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    1. re: DFWGuy

      I second, Deli News...their bagels are flown in daily from H & H in NY...very tasty...

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        I haven't been but would love to hear other CHs' thoughts about Gezellig on Greenville. From what I gather it more of a bar but supposedly has excellent NY style sandwiches. Is this place the real deal?

        1. re: Bhutani

          Gezellig has excellent NY style sandwiches. However, it is a very limited sandwich only menu. I prefer their pastrami and cornbeef over Deli News or Cindy's.

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            I went with 2 friends to Gezellig and ordered the sandwiches-- fresh bread, thick block of shaved cold cuts, good balance of condiments.

      2. Ed's Deli (formerly Deli News Too) at Preston and 635 is excellent. My experience with the original location at Campbell and Preston was very mediocre. And Cindy's (I've only been to the Midway location) was very sub standard.

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          There is a Jewish deli near Frankford and the Dallas North Tollway. Haven't tried it but thought you may like to know.

          1. re: The Real Deal

            Think that you may be thinking about Deli News that used to be in that location, but moved to Campbell and Preston

          2. re: dejacobs

            I just did Ed's yesterday for lunch. I had a great pastrami on rye with swiss and mustard. I was ordering to go. So, I didn't have the huge sandwhich selection if you eat in. They had some double deckers that looked good. I have a thing for sandwhiches with coleslaw and russian dression.

          3. Lox and bagels (H&H soft on the inside crusty on the outside) , Matzo ball soup (very expensive, but oh so good), corned beef and kinishes you go to Deli News on on Campbell @ Preston. For whitefish salad, smoked salmon, chubs, herring etc. go to to the Tom Thumb on Coit near Campbell. They have a kosher deli and meat section.

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              1. I had a surprisingly good pastrami sandwich at Deli News at Campbell & Preston a few weeks ago. There's a place called Bagelsteins at Arapaho & Coit (IIRC) that had less interesting food but in a strange way, a more interesting scene for a recently transplanted Jew like me... it seemed to be a family-owned joint and the owner was absolutely busting on his daughters when I was in there in a way that, perhaps sad to say, only a kid raised in a Jewish home could appreciate. So, I guess if you're looking just for food, I'd have to say Deli News. If you're looking for a different kind of experience I might take a crack at Bagelsteins.