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Jewish/Deli Food in Dallas?

Any recommendations for good Jewish Deli food in Dallas? Good bagels, smoked fish, pastrami etc.

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  1. Deli News (I think the one in North Dallas/Richardson - Campbell and Preston, perhaps?) is better than the one at Preston and 635.

    Cindy's...I think there are 3 locations. I frequent the one on the west side of 75 between Forest and Royal. FYI - the former owner of since closed Gilbert's, once one of the more traditional delis in town, has some relationship with the aforementioned Cindy's. I see him in there slicing corned beef and pastrami with some regularity.

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      I second, Deli News...their bagels are flown in daily from H & H in NY...very tasty...

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        I haven't been but would love to hear other CHs' thoughts about Gezellig on Greenville. From what I gather it more of a bar but supposedly has excellent NY style sandwiches. Is this place the real deal?

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          Gezellig has excellent NY style sandwiches. However, it is a very limited sandwich only menu. I prefer their pastrami and cornbeef over Deli News or Cindy's.

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            I went with 2 friends to Gezellig and ordered the sandwiches-- fresh bread, thick block of shaved cold cuts, good balance of condiments.

      2. Ed's Deli (formerly Deli News Too) at Preston and 635 is excellent. My experience with the original location at Campbell and Preston was very mediocre. And Cindy's (I've only been to the Midway location) was very sub standard.

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          There is a Jewish deli near Frankford and the Dallas North Tollway. Haven't tried it but thought you may like to know.

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            Think that you may be thinking about Deli News that used to be in that location, but moved to Campbell and Preston

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            I just did Ed's yesterday for lunch. I had a great pastrami on rye with swiss and mustard. I was ordering to go. So, I didn't have the huge sandwhich selection if you eat in. They had some double deckers that looked good. I have a thing for sandwhiches with coleslaw and russian dression.

          3. Lox and bagels (H&H soft on the inside crusty on the outside) , Matzo ball soup (very expensive, but oh so good), corned beef and kinishes you go to Deli News on on Campbell @ Preston. For whitefish salad, smoked salmon, chubs, herring etc. go to to the Tom Thumb on Coit near Campbell. They have a kosher deli and meat section.

            1. I had a surprisingly good pastrami sandwich at Deli News at Campbell & Preston a few weeks ago. There's a place called Bagelsteins at Arapaho & Coit (IIRC) that had less interesting food but in a strange way, a more interesting scene for a recently transplanted Jew like me... it seemed to be a family-owned joint and the owner was absolutely busting on his daughters when I was in there in a way that, perhaps sad to say, only a kid raised in a Jewish home could appreciate. So, I guess if you're looking just for food, I'd have to say Deli News. If you're looking for a different kind of experience I might take a crack at Bagelsteins.

              1. In the beginning, GOD created the Heavens and Earth, and rested, and got hungry. On the 8th day he created his best creation, ED'S DELI IN DALLAS (PLANO).

                Suddenly, from the sunny heavens of New York, creations, never seen on Earth appeared for the gastronomical delight of its inhabitants, hungry for the ultimite delites. Corn Beef, Pastrami, Cabbage Rolls, real bagels, Dr. Brown's Sodas to live and die for. Bury yourself in chopped liver heaven..Maxine and Dennis Levy

                1. Deli News. I'm there every Sunday morning for the best smoked sturgeon this side of NYC.

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                    I must be in the minority. I don't particularly care for Deli News. I thought Gilberts was much better.

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                      Gibert's was great. Has not been around for some time.

                  2. I recently found out about Milk and Honey and it's in the same general area as Deli News. They do have sandwiches there, but I haven't had a chance to try them out yet. Most of the stuff I've tried so far is from the grill. The shwarmas and the kabobs are delicious!

                    Here's their site:

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                      That's it--Milk and Honey. I couldn't remember the name of the place. It's right next to the post office and I go to the PO all the time. The place is always packed.

                    2. I went to Ed's Deli over the weekend and was very disappointed. Had the Reuben sandwich (I mean, if a Jewish Deli can't do that right, how do they stay in business?) and it was served open face. Cheese, cheese and more cheese. Very little meat. It reminded me of something to be expected from Quizno's. My friend's Pastrami and pretty good. The meat was tasty and exceptionally lean, but sparse for what one normally see's/expects from a deli claiming authenticity to NYC. I brought a couple of bagels home but they had very weird consistency and taste. I couldn't even finish 1/2 of one.

                      To their credit, they make a killer French onion soup. Although a bit salty, this was one of the better onion soups I've eaten. The cheese did not cover the entire perimeter of the bowl which only lends to the soup gushing out everywhere when you spoon down through it. Two small cheese covered crouton floated on a wonderfully flavored, rich, beefy broth in which spoons of thick, irregular cuts of onion were found. I'd go back just for this soup.

                      I long for Gilbert's.

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                        This is an attempt on a cusine I have just given up on. I never really crave "Jewish" food but I do get a hankering for rueben and pastrami sandwiches.

                        I would say that Central Market carries the DaBecca brand of pastrami (made in Clifton, TX) which IMO is the best. On my taste tests of the brands available locally (unless someone made it at home) this is the surperior product even beating the NY Ehmers brand that is its competitor in the cases at Central Market. Yes I even tried the "pastrami" that Oscar Mayer puts out to be fair. The best mid range brand is the Deitz and Watson brand available at the Highland Village Wal-Mart Supercenter.....I guess I am lucky that this Wal-Mart is fairly well stocked. So check out the DaBecca brand if they have it at Central Market....would call before making a special trip.


                        As far as corned beef it is a gamble on the brands. I am not a fan of corned beef b/c I like peppercorns and as we all know corned beef is just pastrami sans the peppercorns. I make ruebens with pastrami....so it might negate the traditional meaning of the sandwich but I am from the South and I think it is safe to say a majority of us like the spice kick to things. I also don't put Thousand Island dressing on anything cept if a recipe calls for it (and definitely not a reuben). I use the Dusseldorf style mustard I get at Fischers Meat Market in Muenster, TX. So I am a sandwich snob...just picky that way!


                        I tried the No 5 at Cindi's a few weeks back and wondered why a sandwich costs $11. The part I did like had no relation to the meats, cheese, or the cole slaw that was on the sandwich. I was impressed by the light and moist crumb of the rye bread (most rye breads come off too dry or crusty) this was the perfect balance of moistness and the perfect edible crust. As for the pastrami, corned beef and tounge, better luck next time as the meats had very little flavor.

                        If I want authentic "Jewish" food a family friend of ours is an excellent cook and i just wait until a Jewish holiday comes around.

                        It sure woule be nice if we had a local pastrami/corned beef maker that could sell to local delis and the public....just a wish

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                          Well, I guess they (Ed's Deli) couldn't do it right after all. They folded last week.

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                            I don't know. I've had the "good" and the "bad" at Ed's - overall mediocre. But given the fact that they were always busy when I was there, I tend to think their closure is likely based more on the crappy economy and them being located in a very high rent district. Afterall, per the voice on the other end of the still active phone number, they remain in the catering business.

                        2. Found out today that Ed's Deli closed - 2 weeks ago. However, the phone number is still active as a caterer and for those in the area, home delivery.

                          1. Went to Deli News last week for the first time. Overall, not impressed. Upon seating, they brought some stale bagel chips, but no pickles. There were 3 of us and unfortunately, we all decided on the same lunch of 1/2 pastrami sandwich and chicken barley soup, so there was no trying other options. Anyway, it was okay with a good quantity of meat, but given the fattieness of the pastrami, I expected much more of a power punch on the flavor scale - as it were, it was pretty bland. Same with the soup - it was served barely luke warm and had to add salt and pepper just to get some flavor. We had to finally ask for pickles which I think were likely store bought. The cheese cake was good as was the black and white cookie. So overall, just not much to get excited about on this limited experience.

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                              I eat at Deli-News about twice a month. The pickle deal is always an issue, some of the waiters bring them out some don't. The chicken barley soup is realy bland, but the chicken noodle or matza ball is very good. They have very good bagels and some loyal customers. I always see someone I recognize from a previous visit.
                              Deli News is kind of a take it or leave it kind of place, not great but the best around for now. Always look at the board for specials. I had my best lunch in Dallas there from the special board. Boiled ribs with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. It was memorable but I've only seen it that one time.

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                                Since Ed's Deli folded, we've been going to Deli-News. I noticed the other day that a new deli called Roasters (www.roastersnydeli.com) is moving into Ed's location. Apparently part of a Florida-based chain... I'll give them a try at some point.

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                                  I do not think that the chicken barley soup at Deli News is bland, although I have to admit that it can be better sometimes than others. The tuna, chopped liver, and smoked whitefish salads are pretty good. The deli service is typical--uneven and not always attentive. We are regulars here.

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                                    Ed's is dead for sure. Was next door today trying some dumplings at Shanghai. Met the new manager. Pretty corporate guy but seems very NY. But... when I asked what happened to Ed, he was not kind. He said some very off putting things about 'the previous owner' and I know that wont fly with the local Jewish community.

                                    I was able to get a menu from him, and I am not pleased. All the truly delightful things about Ed's/ Deli News or whatever it was is gone. No kreplach, the matzo ball soup seems like an after thought. Now I didn't try this place... yet. The hours were cut to 6 to 3:30PM daily.

                                    Judging from the locations and former names of the new place, it appears these people got into communities and buy out old delis.

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                                      Dude, Ed's Deli sucked. Why do you think they went out of business? Ed's started out with mediocre food and it got worse from there and that's in a city that is a wasteland when it comes to deli food.

                            2. Roasters NY Deli
                              SW corner Preston@LBJ
                              (aka - the old Ed's deli)

                              Yes, even though it's a chain, typical sandwiches of Corned Beef Reuben, Pastrami Rachael (with cole slaw, Swiss and the “pink” dressing) certainly beat Deli News (and Ed’s) in both quantity and flavor quality. A good amount of meat between two slices of rye – assuredly enough to bring 1/2 home for later. The corned beef had a nice “corned” taste and was lean with a small ridge of fat at the edge. For my likes, the pastrami was pretty bland, but did have a good marbling of fat throughout. The roast beef sandwich was exceptional – moist, flavorful and tender – also generous enough for two meals. But all said and done, it still does not compare to the defunct Gilbert’s of several years ago and certainly not to NYC standards.

                              Compared to other deli menus, this one does seem limited - particularly in breakfast and soup selections, but over the deli counter hangs a large (board) menu for bulk orders (by the lb). This contains other varieties of meats including tongue, a couple of differently prepared herrings as well as other meats. If you wanted a plate or sandwich, I don’t know why they couldn’t accommodate that request – but could and would might be miles apart. Another board offers varied bagel options and toppings. Too bad our pay-out process became confusing and I forgot to get a couple to go.

                              On the table is a clear glass crock of two different (cucumber type) pickle choices, but no bagel chips to be found. As to desert, we were given carrot cake and macaroon samples. Both were moist and flavorful. The “New York” cheesecake, with OK taste, is far from genuine. It was much too light and airy, missing the dense richness of the real deal.

                              The pricing carries the typical high dollar amounts that I’ve come to expect re local NY “style” delis. A Reuben, side of steak cut fries, a slice of cheesecake and (n/c) water was $20 and some change. Unknowingly, I was there on the first open weekend. Although spotty, service was better than I would have expected, but understandably, there’s some kinks to work out. On this day, clientele was reminiscent of Ed’s. Although it is a chain, I will no doubt return at some point, but don’t really expect much to be different, except perhaps service.

                              Edit: Thinking about it, the large board menu of meats MAY be priced by the 1/4 lb.

                              1. Bagelstein's Deli used to be a wonderful place with absolutely amazing bagels. When I say used to be, that's because I haven't been there since probably '95 or '96. So does anyone know if it's still a good place? Apparently it's changed owners once and locations twice in that time.

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                                1. I had a corned beef and chopped liver with slaw and russian dressing on rye at Deli News today, and it rocked! Also had a cup of matzo ball soup. It was very good as well. I travel to NY about once per month, and the food at Deli News is pretty authentic.