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Jul 10, 2007 08:30 PM

Jacksonville DimSum

Anyone have and recomendations for great dim sum here in Jax?

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  1. A plane ticket to San Francisco. Really. Not a joke. There is nothing here.

    If you find any dim sum that's even decent in NE Fla, please post it here.

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    1. re: mezzrow

      Having just moved here from SF I would certainly agree. Saying that, haven't tried Silver Star yet but I do know I'll miss the rolling carts since it's been mentioned they don't have those.

    2. Silver Star
      5034 Blanding Blvd.
      All day Sat~Tue
      see my other thread on this...

      1. Hong Kong Bistro
        9825 San Jose Blvd
        Jacksonville, FL 32257
        It is in the Outback Steakhouse mall. I believe they serve dim sum on Saturday and Sunday since we're always there on Sunday. This place also doesn't have rolling carts but rather waitresses who bring out a few plates every 5 - 10 minutes. My hubby and I usually order seafood pan fried noodles while we wait.
        We just heard about Silver Star and are looking to try that soon. =)

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        1. re: shigwamei

          Silver Star sells the pan fried noodles too (the wide rice noodle right?) It's not on their official menu yet I think, but they make the noodles in-house so it tasted quite different than most place that ships it in from elsewhere.

          I suggest people ask them what's not on the menu since they're adding stuffs on and off.

          1. re: shigwamei

            We went to Hong Kong Bistro yesterday- Saturday, they do dim sum Sat. & Sun. from 11am to 2pm. We were pleasantly surprised, the shu mai was not as good as I have had, but all in all it was very authentic. The staff there was extremely helpful and friendly and the variety of dim sum was pretty good. The price was $3.00 per dish, so we got pretty full for under $20. We got there right at 11am and they were slow to get started, but by the time we left at noon the restaurant was full (all Orientals) and new dishes were rapidly coming out of the kitchen. They do not have cart service but the waitresses have several dishes on a tray and bring them around to each table, I like this over ordering off a menu- I like to see what I’m getting. I hope the J-ville hounds will give this place a try so we can continue to have dim sum in JAX.

          2. As everyone said here, I would highly recommend "Silver Star" because we just went there to celebrate our engagement ^_^ I was born and came from Hong Kong moved to Jax for just about two years. I almost tried most of dim-sum places in Hong Kong. So, I can tell you if 10 is the best then Silver Star gets 8. Oh yea, because I think dim sum in Toronto and Vancouver are almost 10 - most the dim sum chef migrated there in 90's. Back to Silver Star here, they serve about 20 dim sum in their menu. We tried char siu bau (6 points - this one was not as good as we thought - not juicy enough), we tried har gow (8 point) and siu mar (not Hong Kong style but taste ok - 7 points), we also tried deep-fried wo-gok (taro ball/ dumpling-9 points), shrimp cheung fun (rice noddle roll-8.5), char siu cheung fun (6 points),mini lo-mai-gai (8.5 points - sticky rice with meat & chinese sauage -wrapped in lotus leaves), sin-joke-guen (8.5 points). If they could use fresh shrimp, cheung fun and har gow would be 10. Since we don't eat chicken feet, stripes (my boyfriend is American), I don't know if they taste good or not. I was surprised they don't have egg custard tart (i love it so much) and law-bok-go (carrot cake) because now is Lunar New Year! The dim sum their overall is GOOD - should go try it!
            BTW, We went to HK Bistro once, har-gow and siu mai were not as good as Silver Star or we expected (the chef came from HK too) but their pan-fried law-bok-go and deep-fried dumplings (gow-chez) were good. Their congee was good too. I would give them 7 points.