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Jul 10, 2007 07:25 PM

Rec's in Albuquerque . . .

Looking for one good dinner in Albuquerque on a Saturday night. Any price range is fine, just looking for great, unique food. Thanks for any help . . .

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  1. We were in Albuquerque a week ago (on a Saturday), visiting from Toronto, and can unhesitatingly recommend Ambrozia. Excellent food, eclectic winelist and friendly service.
    We started with the Lobster corn dogs, Tuna 3 ways, and “Clam Chowder”.
    The dogs were pretty good – the lobster was tasty, with good texture, and all 3 dips (chipotle ketchup, mustard cream and avocado remoulade) were excellent. The jalapeno corn batter was a bit too thick, so we left that part.
    The tuna was really good. Fine mouth-feel and a good selection of accompanying dipping sauces. Wasabi ‘caviar’ was an interesting touch.
    The chowder was really an asian-style soup (tom kha) with excellent pancetta (not chewy) and an orange salsa. Excellent and VERY filling.
    We had considered having the Mole braised duck enchiladas, but skipped that in favour of the duck 3 ways main course.
    By the time we’d finished the appetizers, our appetites were quickly waning (maybe the 106° temperature that day had something to do with it) so we asked if we could cancel one of our mains and split the other. This was handled easily and we then split the ‘Caribbean Bouillabaisse’ – various seafoods in a key lime and saffron broth. Again excellent and, in particular, the seafood was all perfectly cooked – I’ve had too many seafood ‘pots’ where some parts were undercooked and some overcooked – not the case here.
    A single (shared) dessert was a red chile and ginger crème brulee. Acceptable and interesting but failed to have the hot topping and cold custard that is the mark of a perfect brulee.
    We had a couple of glasses of local ‘bubbly’ (not worth it IMO) and a white wine from Turley (rarely seen on winelists).
    If/when we return, Ambrozia will be a must stop again.