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Jul 10, 2007 07:04 PM

Comox and Powell River Recs needed

Will be traveling on Vancouver Island next month and, for the first time, exploring North of Nanaimo. We'll stay a couple of days in Comox and then I'm considering taking the ferry for a day trip to Powell River. Are there any great chow places in Comox or, near the ferry landing, in Powell River?

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  1. I have not been to either spot so cannot speak from personal experience.

    However, the place in Comox that I have consistently heard positive things about is Martine's Bistro [].

    The owners of Atlas Cafe & Bar in Courtenay are apparently about to open a new place in Comox called Avenue. Not sure if it will be open when you are there or not.

    You might give quick look at The column Up Island in this month's issue of EAT Magazine. It can now be accessed online at

    I have found that it is a good "foodie" resource for the Island and increasingly, Vancouver as well.

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      Bob Mac: Thanks for the EAT Magazine referral--it looks like a great resource for Chow.

    2. Yo Fat Cat,
      A former colleague has recently purchased a restaurant in Comox/Courtney. I believe the name was Sandbar Grill(?). The new name is Thyme. Emil, the owner, is also the chef. Has always prepared incredible food!!
      We miss him in Winnipeg.

      1. We spent a few days in Powell River last week and had some very fine dining. The first place overlooks the water near Lang Bay. Our table of four enjoyed free range chicken served with an herbed white wine and cream sauce, with a medley of fresh picked local vegetables. Reservations at this exclusive place are hard to come by. The kitchen only opens when we visit our vacation cabin and I put on a chef's hat.

        That's not too often but you can find some other great dining spots in Powell River. We regularly visit the Laughing Oyster at Okeover Arm, about 15 miles north of town, close to Lund. Here local guy, Chef David Bowes, creates elegant comfort food served with a magnificent view of Okeover Inlet. If you are a seafood fan, plan your visit for Wednesday when Chef David features the seafood buffet.

        On another night we stopped at the Alchemist Restaurant on the main street in the Westview area of Powell River. This room has the pleasant colors and style of Provence and good food is artfully presented. The wine list is simple but well balanced and well priced. Service was faultless, professional but friendly and knowledgeable. This earned a must return mark for our next visit.

        South of Powell River by about 8 miles, diners find the Eagles Landing Bistro. This is another place that offers more than one expects in a small town. The room overlooks Malaspina Strait toward Texada Island and, if you are lucky, you might see a pod of Orca whales swim past. We've eaten at this friendly place a number of times and found it enjoyable with good variety and good value.

        1. Next time you're in Powell River, I'd recommend having lunch at Rene's Pasta on Marine Ave (just a block or two from the ferry terminal), or taking the 20 minute drive to Lund to dine at Nancy's Bakery (open for breakfast & lunch). I wish I could recommend a dinner spot, but consistency is an issue around here. NRF recommended some good places, too--I have yet to dine at Eagle's Landing; Laughing Oyster was good the one time I was there; Alchemist--well, I've been told to give them a second chance before solidifying my opinion... The only one of those three close to the ferry is The Alchemist.

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            I say go to the Alchemist. It's fabulous!