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Jul 10, 2007 06:57 PM

RIP King Louie's-STL

Did anyone else see this notice on the front page of today's PD business section? It doesn't really surprise me, but too bad nonetheless.

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  1. NO!!! Say it isn't so! I am CRUSHED. Life sucks for me right now!

    1. Oh my - I had to go find the news. Terrible. An excellent restaurant and one we certainly can't afford to lose in that area. Highway 40 strikes again!

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      1. re: TwoPointers

        Vandeventer/Choteau strikes. it was all messed up for a long long time.

        To bad though, we only managed to make it there once. If anyone knows what happens to a server that worked there, Jake, let me know.

      2. I will miss the place, site of some lovely lunches.