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Jul 10, 2007 06:49 PM

The New Sushi on Solano Ave, Albany

Has anyone tried it?

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  1. are you referring to Sushi Solano? i parked in in front while going to China Village last week -- have not tried it yet.

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    1. I tried it and really loved it - it is indeed run by the former Mr. Sushi. I loved everything I had, and eventually abandoned the menu and just asked the chef for whatever he thought was good. The gentleman I sat next to at the bar told me that he had been a devotee of this chef for 8 years and has not tasted any better across the country. Quite high praise... but I loved it too. Fresh, fatty, good temperature (I hate too-cold sushi like Kirala or Amberjack). The ankimo I requested came out in a large chunk, which is different than I have ever had it. To me, more is never better when it comes to sushi, but the preparation of this big chunk was really delicious. I am already planning my next lunch there - tomorrow if I am lucky!

      1. Well, I went, and did not like it at all. I had the chirashi and everything was in huge chunks. It was gross. Some of the fish was not very fresh, mushy, and revolting. The rice was not even sushi rice. Never again.. I'm embarrassed for them.

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          Did it taste hard frozen and then defrosted (maybe a few times back and forth) or spoiled?

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            The mackerel tasted like in 4 hours it would be bad bad. At that moment I thought, "I've already spit the shrimp (which was definitely off) into my napkin..." and I swallowed it. The frozen/defrosted repeatedly, or at least that is how I interpret mushy was a white fish. I wasn't sure what it was. That was texture. The rice which should have been sushi was clearly a thin long grain rice. What is really odd to me is that Britt Marie's, next door, is the only other place I have ever been served something that has actually gone off---but what a great room. (Come to think of it there was a Greek place in Paris on a Monday night......)

          2. re: Carnitas

            Wow I am sorry you had a bad experience there- I overheard someone asking the chef for something (can't remember what- I think it may have been scallop) - he said that later in the week it would be better, today it was good for roll with sauce (like spicy scallop roll?) because it was from frozen - he then recommended what was fresh that day. Going back tomorrow to see if I have a different opinion- our experiences were clearly so different.

            1. re: uninvitedsaint

              One (maybe me) would argue that it isn't top quality (like a "you don't want to eat that today" recommendation from the chef), they shouldn't offer it at all that day.

              1. re: lmnopm

                True- but many places offer previously frozen and will serve it as sashimi- there is nothing wrong with frozen fish per se - but I appreciate knowing that it was frozen and I would enjoy it more not as sashimi or nigiri

                1. re: uninvitedsaint

                  Lunch was still very good- I hope his former Mr. Sushi fans find their way over here. It's no Kiss Sushi or Koo - it is a good solid neighborhood place- all my picks were fresh and delicious. Ah each his own. I will be going back and continuing my recommendations.

                  1. re: uninvitedsaint

                    Any updates?

                    Sushi Solano
                    1373 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706

          3. My friend and I wandered in for lunch based on the previous posts re: the former Mr. Sushi.
            Very pleasant owner. She took the time to chat about the business and give some recs.
            Shari from Hawaii had a huge chicken katsu donburi and declared it better than many Honolulu plate luch places. My lunch special was a choice of two- I chose shrimp tempura and a beefwrapped appetizer. Sorry, name escapes me. I believe presentation triggers the taste buds. The donburi bowl was lovely and my combination was presented on a large four sectioned plate which defined everything so well (including the rice and salad.) Tempura was light and fresh. Good value for lunch. Dinner prices are average $$ for Japanese restaurants. The lunch crowd is sparse, but dinner is picking up. I'll be back.