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Jul 10, 2007 06:43 PM

Hyde@ Jackson - what's nearby

Will be visiting SF with my family (Hubby and 4yr old daughter) for 1 week. We are considering staying near the intersection of Hyde and Jackson - between Russian Hill and Nob Hill (?). Anyway, we love flavorful or ethnic foods of all varieties. We understand there's great food all over the city and intend to explore it all (we're particularly Chinese food fanatics and already have a long list of Chinatown places from posts we've read), but we're curious what places 'hounds would recommend within an easy walk of our potential 'homebase'. Nice casual, not super fancy white tablecloth places are more our style, even takeout is ok as long as the food is great...

Many Thanks!

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  1. There's a bunch in that area -

    Luella is a few blocks up on Hyde (get the coca cola braised short ribs - I think Sunday nights are "kids night", with a menu for kids),

    A few blocks further up on Hyde/Union is Swensen's Ice Cream - much better than anything you'd get out of your grocer's freezer section.

    Star of India on Polk/Broadway is okay - with a $9 all you can eat buffet (though for Indian delivery, I'm starting to prefer Pakwan - entrees are a lot cheaper) ,

    Sushi Rapture on Leavenworth/Washington is pretty decent neighborhood Japanese food (I like their karaage).

    Crepe House on Polk/Washington can be hit or miss, but is generally pretty good. Way packed during weekend lunch/brunch time (which could be a plus if you want to peoplewatch), but otherwise seating isn't a problem.

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      Checked out Luella's menu online already and we're both salivating now...perfect spot for us. Thanks!

    2. That is a good spot. The Hyde Street Bistro (1521 Hyde) and the Hyde Street Seafood House (1509 Hyde) are just off that corner. Polk Street, which has plenty of shopping & dining, is 2 blocks west of Hyde. Chinatown, around Grant & Stockton Streets, is 6-7 blocks east. You are also on the Hyde Stree Cable Car line, which can help get you around town.