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Jul 10, 2007 06:17 PM

Anyone been to Pete's lately?

I'm going to Pete's Cafe (downtown) with a small group. Reviews on this board have been mixed and are not at all current. Sounds like the burger is the way to go though.

Anyone have ordering suggestions or timely commentary?

You are my heroes.

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  1. i was there about 3mo's ago and ordered the hellman burger and the bleu cheese fries. nothing has changed, the eats were yums!

    1. I was there a couple of weeks ago and had a mushroom bacon cheddar burger. It was a little overcooked for my taste but I still liked it a lot. Seasoned (blue cheese, chipotle, cheddar, etc) fries were really good though the blue cheese ones didn't have as much blue on them as last time. Mac n cheese was really good.

      1. Was there a few months ago. I got the Hellman burger, ordered med. rare. What I got was past well done, but I ate it anyway and it was pretty forgettable. My dining companion got some other burger, ordered medium and it was about medium well(I don't know how she got a less overdone burger than I!!). Fries were okay, nothing to write home about. Oh, on a sidenote, our server was friendly but the hostess looked stoned out of her mind. Zombie-ish even.

        1. I must admit I have not been for a while. Been distracted with the likes of Wood Spoon and Redwood Bar & Grill, as well as 410 Boyd.

          But in the past I've always enjoyed the Hellman burger, as well as those fries.

          1. I went about a month ago for a birthday party celebration. I had the seared tuna with no miso mayo. I got a sandwich with extra mayo and mayo on the side. Nice one! I said no mayo and I think the waitress heard, mo mayo. The seared tuna was still good. Others got the Mac and cheese and Hellman burger and everything was delicious.

            B+ on food.
            C for the service.