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Jul 10, 2007 05:31 PM

Colombia - Bogota and Medellin recs

Looking for some good eats... anything goes, seafood and vegetarian recs would be good too, just not fancy or too expensive. Gracias!

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    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

      Sam, unfortunately not this time. However if things work out, I may be living/working down there soon! If you have any recs for "must haves" while in Colombia, I would greatly appreciate it!

      1. re: Pablo

        We will have to go CHing if you come to liveand work here.

        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          I'd be interested in your recs for Cali...

          1. re: cscsman

            1. Grenada in Barrio Grenada for slightly upscale
            2. The Argentinian meat place 50 meters up the road to Dapa
            3. The original Los Turcos across from the CAM
            4. Los Bomberos in Palmira for beans and meat for lunch
            5. Palo Alto for coffee
            6. Der Kaiser Hause for (good!) German
            7. The traditional market, La Alameda, for greart lunches
            8. Le Petit France for Alsatian
            9. My place

    2. We just got back from 3 days in Bogota. There was great food. Nazca (calle 74, #5-28) was delicious Peruvian food in a very modern place. The food was cheaper than in a city is the US but the wine seemed to be more expensive. We also had tapas at a place called Donostio in the central city and they had some pretty delicious meats and a special spice from the Amazon. The other place we went to was Casa San Isidro which is on the top of Monserrate. It's a fancy French restaurant and the food was pretty good for such a touristy place. It's pretty dark inside but we sat on the inside terrace and enjoyed a beautiful view of Bogota. The filete res and chocolate molton were especially good.

      1. Medellin is not nearly as cosmopolitan as Bogota, so the restaurant choices are pretty slim. Most of the restaurants are pretty casual affairs and many are located in malls, which is probably a relic of the security concerns over the last couple decades. In Oviedo Mall, there is a cafe (Cafe Le Gris) that is nice. Across from Oviedo is Anita Cafetiere, which I think is the best option in Medellin. Anita, the chef, is Cordon Bleu trained and she knows what she's doing. She's hamstrung by the inavailability of many ingredients, though. In Parque de Lleras, there are little cafes all around the park and it's a fun place to hang out. The food is fine, but nothign earth shattering. In the Park 10 Hotel, there is a restaurant (I cannot remember the name), but they serve good fish entrees.

        Food in Medellin is a really casual affair, which is why the best places to eat are not swanky affairs. On your way to the airport, there is a little town called San Antonio de Pereya (or something like that) that has wonderful empanadas and an unbelievable dessert place located around the main plaza on the weekends. Even closer to the airport is a restaurant called Dona Rosa that serves the best chicharron con arepa in town, but it's a totally casual place.

        1. The ajiaco at La Casa Vieja in Bogota is delicious.In La Zona Rosa there are some empanada restaurants that have a huge selection of condiments to cover the empanadas in a variety of flavors.

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            I concur with el Ajiaco from Casa Vieja...good chicken stew for sure.

          2. Oh! Have fun! I was in Bogota a few years ago and you cannot miss Casa Medina. It's a wonderful french restaurant and the inside of the restuarant is's filled with antiques. I also like the past at Sol de Napoles.