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Jul 10, 2007 05:30 PM

Red Mango open in Westwood

I know in the long run, its a chain but since there's only one store in the US right now and its in LA, I figure this is the place to post. The new one and only store is located in Westwood Village, at the top end near UCLA on Weyburn. Hours are a mystery but tonight they are open until 10 pm. Its right across from the movie theatres, a couple of doors down from Stan's doughnuts.

Today was the official grand opening with free yogurt and tee shirts and the like. We --party of six sneaking out of the office--got there shortly after the free stuff started. The line was regretably long but we stuck it out [that or go back to work.....]. On occasion some spiffy fashionista would come out and ask a question and give out a tee shirt but not very often and not very generously. Honestly, I suspect they were designating winners by who fit the red mango look---our crew answered the questions correctly but a younger more, ahem, trendy winner got it every time. Too bad for them because I would have been happy to wear my Red Mango tee shirt in Seattle after we move and give them much free advertising [like they need it, right?]

In the end, the long line turned out to be because of the generousity of the crew handing out the free sample. Colleague couldn't be persuaded to come down? no problem, they'd make up a cup for him too! And everything was personalized --I had mango, blackberries and blueberries. I brought back a raspberry, blueberry and strawberry for my absent co-worker.
Other toppings included little baby ghiardelli chocolate chips, cantelope, pineapple, honeydew, banana, granola and then all the icky stuff like coco pebbles and fruity pebbles.

I found it tasty--more like yogurt than the crackberry I have sampled plus it seemed to be a better price than pinkberry. The mango could have been riper but the blackberries and blueberries were huge and the portions of all three were generous. A perusal of the ingrediants revealed that there's yogurt in that there frozen yogurt which means with my approval. And there is NO High Fructose corn syrup which makes me happier yet. Sweetener appears to be simply sucrose.

I guess i might go back if in the mood for a splurge but with Diddy Reise's cookie ice cream sandwich just around the corner, I suspect it will be a while.

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  1. "...but with Diddy Riese..." Agreed...that's some competition!

    1. I just saw today that there's another one opening on Pico across from Westside Pavilion. Seems like it's a little close to Westwood.

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      1. re: jenjunum

        "a little close to Westwood" and yet a world away. The new Red Mango on Pico will be across the street from the Landmark Theatre and the Westside Pavillion and is in an area where parking is not as nightmarish as Westwood Village can get. While I find myself on that stretch of Pico pretty often, I never head into Westwood unless I absolutely have to. Maybe I am just projecting, but the two locations seem like they can sustain non-overlapping crowds.

        OK - enough about location - how does it taste? Any more taste reports?

        It is, however, opening up within a block of a gelato shop and a Cold Stone Creamery.

        1. re: greengelato

          I also reported on a taste test I was fortunate to take about a month ago...

          FYI, I think Red Mango is more yogurt-like than Pinkberry (and in fact their yogurt has much more cultures and bacteria) and I thought it was much creamier. I still like the Pink, but if Red Mango opens a location in Hollywood I'll definitely be stopping by more often.

      2. I stopped by to check it out yesterday as well. We got there well after six and they were still giving out free frozen yogurt. I sadly didn't get a t-shirt either, which I would have totally sported.

        1. There's already a Red Mango on Venice and Motor in Culver City.

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          1. re: slacker

            I don't think thats an actual store---at least not yet. I would guess thats the plant where they make the stuff. The press stuff says that the plant is in Culver City and the promo stuff also lists a future store on Venice.

            Apparently, the place on Westwood in the shopping center with Peets just below Santa Monica was selling Faux Red Mango.

            1. re: jenn

              Actually, the Red Mango guys told me that they're setting up retail at that Culver City location. This was prior to the opening (maybe it's not open?). I still haven't been over there. Maybe they changed their mind, I'll just have to head over there to check it out. They also had told me about the Westwood location, and the couple of other U.S. locations they had planned.

              1. re: slacker

                no i think they are setting up a retail at that local--the us website lists an address on Venice Blvd and says that it is in Culver City. But I just think it isn't operating yet.


                1. re: slacker

                  Am I the only wondering why they're not opening in Koreatown? It can't be Stinkberry's neighborhood dominance. Koreatown is one of the largest neighborhoods in L.A., and Stinkberry's on the far eastern edge. I'd think that, being an established company in Korea, they would want to open in the part of town where there's a clientele living with whom they potentially have some name recognition.

                  1. re: Woolsey

                    Woolsey, that's an Interesting question re Koreatown, and if you follow the link to their Google-based map of locations, it includes an additional location on Wilshire just east of Normandie.


                    Don't know if this means they planned to open there and then changed their minds, or the opening has been delayed, or they lost the spot to Snowberry or someone else, or . . . . Anyway, there must be one or two blocks left in LA without a yogurt shop, but not for long.

                    1. re: PayOrPlay

                      The Wilshire location is between La Brea and Highland - in the Miracle Mile, not Koreatown.

                      1. re: Woolsey

                        To clarify, they also have a Koreatown location (at 3435 Wilshire) shown on their Google-based map of locations. (See the last location listed at the link in my above post.)

                        1. re: PayOrPlay

                          You're right! I'm sorry; I was just going off of what I saw listed on their location page on their site yestersay and didn't adequately read the Google page. This is what happens when you post while smoking crack.

                    2. re: Woolsey

                      There was an earlier report somewhere (can't remember if it was here) that they completely retooled their recipe for the US market. Not sure if that's related to them not opening right away in Koreatown, but it shows they're not overly concerning themselves with duplicating their Korean roots.

                    3. re: slacker

            's still under construction. i ran by it yesterday (i believe it's next to coffee bean)

                      1. re: greengelato

                        Yes, next to Coffee Bean. Thanks for saving me the trip. I'd better stop telling people it's there already.

                2. Went today to find it closed for "media and private event"!!! :-(