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Jul 10, 2007 04:51 PM

No cook meals

With the heat wave on the West Coast in full intensity now and the fact that we have no air conditioning, I loathe turning on the oven or even the gas burners inside if I can avoid it.

Anyone have great menu ideas that don't require heat, can be done in the microwave, or on the grill? This is for all courses including sides. At this point grilling outside in the heat doesn't even sound fun since it doesn't cool down until after dark around 10PM.

Thanks for any tips. I'm melting here....

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  1. Consider canned beans your protein friend! Mix it with corn kernels (canned or frozen) and you have a complete protein! You could dress that up with some jalapenos, finely chopped, or even pickled from a jar...some cilantro...and lime juice that's been mixed with olive oil.

    This reminds me of when we had NO power after Hurricane Wilma here in SW Florida for 4 days...I used my grill and canned beans (okay, we broke down and went to a Quiznos that had tasted like fillet mignon, no lie! sad but true!)...can you use a grill at all? Good luck...I feel ya!

    1. Yeah, when it's really hot, warm food doesn't sound good. How about this menu?


      Beef carpaccio - this version on Epicurious looks pretty good:

      Nigela's Watermelon & Feta salad

      Sorbet or granita

      My too-hot-to-cook mainstays usually feature a rotisserie chicken (that someone else has cooked) and rice salad made with Chinese-takeout rice. Or masses of takeout Thai Papaya Salad (which is too complicated for me to attempt at home).

      Stay cool!


      1. zucchini or carrot "noodles" dressed with sauce of your choice--- chopped tomato, basil, olive oil and parmesan on the zucchini. lemon juice (or vinegar), cilantro, green onions on the carrots, with some cubed avocado on top.

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          I do the zucchini noodle thing all the time: make thin slices using a vegetable peeler and dress with minced garlic, lemon juice, good olive oil, chopped kalamata olives, some tomatoes and shaved parmesan and a sprinkle of parsley. Perfect with a baguette.

        2. Salad with canned garbanzo beans, canned tuna packed in olive oil (drain most of it), slivers of either green onions or shallots, halved cherry tomatoes, any other vegetables you like raw (I have used green beans or cucumbers) with a dijon vinegarette sort of dressing. Served over greens if desired.

          Crusty bread

          Fruit and ice cream for dessert.

          1. Tabouleh salad - make some couscous (pour boiling water over a cup of couscous, cover with a plate - will cook itself not on the stove). Then add chopped herbs, tomatoes, raisins, pine nuts, feta or goat cheese if you'd like, and a lemon vinaigrette. Serve room temp or cold. YUM!