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Jul 10, 2007 04:47 PM

Drinks in Madison Park area?

Looking for a place for pre-dinner cocktails near Madison or Park in the low 20s.Taking dh out for his birthday in that area. Nowhere too noisy or trendy. I thought of Tabla. Any other ideas? Many thanks!

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  1. I love that cilantro cucumber drink at Tabla - with gin I think. Perfect for this miserable heat. The bar at Gramercy Tavern is also very nice, and isn't there some Champagne bar - Flutes - along there? Haven't tried that myself.

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      Yes, Flute is the champagne bar, located on 20th between Park and Broadway:

      1. re: LeahBaila

        I'd probably love it, but he's more of a martini guy (and it is his birthday, after all). : )

        1. re: jennielap

          No worries :)
          Lots of folks talk about the Flatiron Lounge, which is supposed to have fantastic martinis.
          Good luck and enjoy the evening!

          1. re: LeahBaila

            You might also want to check to see if EMP has a bar - I just don't remember from my one visit - but that might be a nice place to start as well.

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              Second the recommendation on Flatiron Lounge. Great drinks. Mellow music. Comfy chairs and good service.

              You could also do the Rose Bar at the Grammercy Park hotel. Ian Schrager operation so gets trendy / crowded thu-sat.

              Depending on the time / day you're meeting, you can also do the bar at SAPA restaurant. great cocktails. $5 martinis at happy hour. not overly crowded... but you may not be guaranteed to get a seat.

              Finally 230 Fifth is right there. Trendy with an often annoying crowd and a cheesy vibe punctuated by second tier music from the 80's... but the view is breathtaking and it's spacious... so maybe a possibility.

        2. re: MMRuth

          As a diehard cilantro fan, I had that drink but must say, it's not very sexy to have bits of cilantro leaf all over your teeth. I don't know why they don't strain the leaf bits out somehow. I didn't care for it much overall though.

          I'd recommend the Flatiron Lounge. There's another bar, Park Bar on 17th ? bet. Bway and 5th that's always bustling with an after work crowd. Maybe worth a look.

          1. Tabla is great for drinks, but can get a little crowded. Wined Up is a pretty good wine bar which is upstairs from Punch (on Broadway between 20th and 21st). They serve cocktails as well and small dishes as well.

            1. If you're there early, Union Bar on Park between 17th and 18th is nice. Only been there after work on weekdays, so not sure what the scene is like otherwise, but they had a nice happy hour and it was usually a pretty quiet, mellow atmosphere.

              1. It's a little more south (18th and Irving) but I love Cibar. It's quiet and they have great martinis!

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                  I was about to suggest Cibar! Good call :)