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Jul 10, 2007 04:30 PM

Cave Junction (OR) -- any recommendations?

I'm not holding out huge hope for this, but we will be staying at Treesort (a funky treehouse community) for three nights in July. Treesort is close to Cave Junction. Are there any decent eating spots there? Thanks!

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  1. My husband told you to forget it and go to Grants Pass. I say there aren't any restaurants in GP worth the drive. Seriously, there are very few restaurants in CJ, so you won't have much of an option. They have a Wild River Brewing and Pizza, and while I haven't been to that one, they had one in Grants Pass and it is fine if you're in to standard brewpub fare. If you do get to GP for some other reason, go to Vinnie's restaurant. I don't think it is worth the drive just to go to it though. Have I mentioned how happy I am to be back in the Portland area as far as dining is concerned? ;)

    1. Taylor's Country Store is a lot of fun, and the sausages are tremendous.
      In spite of what Collinsmom said, Summerjo's would be a fine place for a drive into GP.
      Lot's of good Mex too.

      Farmer's Market in GP on Saturday.
      Wild River's beer is OK.
      The Treehouses are wonderful. Enjoy.

      Summer Jo's
      2315 Upper River Rd Loop, Grants Pass, OR 97526