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Jul 10, 2007 04:23 PM

A fair warning..Blk Mountain and Asheville NC

Leaving the gym last night I was craving a salad so I order a simple grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side from The Black Mountain Bistro (similar to Harvest in Fairview) . I just have to say who ever allowed these people to open one restaurant let alone two deserves a trip to Broughton. When I arrived for my salad absolutely no one could recall a togo order. So trying to brush it off, I reordered. An HOUR later, I was given my salad, dressing all over it, of course when I asked for extra dressing (I like to put crackers in it so kill me) they hostest explained that "I did not need dressing" as there is "dressing on it". I explained "I just want extra dressing thanks"...she actually asked me "WHY?". Are you kidding me?

So after giving this place several tries and being extremely dissapointed in each try ( even having to wait an 1 and 45 miniutes for a turkey sandwhich) I will not be back there and suggest you do the same.

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  1. add East Village to that list, thats where it all sprouted from.

    1. East Village and these folks are related? Hmmmm well at least EV doesn't have any prentensions of being anything but an average restaurant. I have only eaten at the Bistro a couple of times for lunch and food has been fine. After the negative review in Mountain Xpress one of the servers wrote in defending Harvest but it's not enough to make me want to spend the money to try it.

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        Harvest is horrible. They gave one of my coworkers a $50 gift certificate to please come back.

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          I tried Harvest several months ago. Staff very green & so easily confused (please split the check was a concept that had to be explained) that it became comedic. The food we received, while different from what had been ordered some time before, was tasty and adequately prepared. However, 3 stalks of asparagus as a side is not adequate no matter how tasty. So many places that do it better for the same price that I would not go back again.