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Jul 10, 2007 04:14 PM

East Village Ice Cream--Ave. B @ 13th

OK, this place is no Laboratorio del Gelato. BUT, if you are further north and want a summer treat, it has a lot going for it. Rather than a richly flavored gelato, they are going for a classic american cone and I think it is very well done here. The ice cream is freshly made and the owner is super enthusiastic about his product. (I think he used to work at the Brooklyn ice cream factory) The mint chocolate chip is made with fresh mint and it is excellent. I have also tried the butter pecan and strawberry (both very good), and the blueberry (average).
For anyone who cares about this, the place is very kid friendly too--we brought our baby there with a stroller the other night and the owner hustled to the door and lifted the stroller inside for us.
I think it is a great addition to the neighborhood. Anyone else tried any of the other flavors?
It is located on Avenue B between 13-14th streets

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  1. I went a couple of months ago and tried pistachio, chocolate chip, and strawberry. Pistachio was the best of the lot and strawberry was my least favorite. The guy behind the counter was incredibly nice and seemed really interested in their product, so I really wanted to like it. I didn't dislike it, but I definitely didn't love it, and I wouldn't go out of my way (from Chelsea) to go back again.

    1. Went once and had coffee ice cream-- the flavor was great. really rich and not overly sweet. nothing mind blowing but definitely very good.

      1. Had the peach a couple of weeks ago and was completely underwhelmed. Again, the guy was super-nice, and I really wanted to like this place, but I don't see a reason for a return visit even though it's in my neighborhood. On the other hand, I went back to Australian Homemade (on St. Marks between 1st and A) today after a long hiatus, and it was a pleasant surprise. I had a strawberry that was not as intense as some strawberries, but still very good if you like a rich, creamy style of ice cream. Also, they now have custard (don't know if that is new or not)--both vanilla and chocolate, made with egg yolks. It can't rival Shake Shack's, but it's pretty tasty nonetheless.

        1. I tried vanilla chocolate chunk and it was OK. Blueberry was better, but too intense for a full scoop. However, I really liked the intensity of chocolate in my chocolate chocolate chunk.

          The staff there was also extremely nice to me, too, and my "small" ended up being big enough for two.

          1. I live directly upstairs, so have been a few times over the summer so far. The ice cream style and favors (and prices) are very similar to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. For those not wanting to venture to Brooklyn, it can be a great treat.