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Jul 10, 2007 04:12 PM

Aquagrill Lunch Review

Aquagrill seems to pack them in morning, noon and night. The casual neighborhood feel, solid food, good service and easy on the wallet prices explain why.
Nothing overly ambitious, just fresh seafood simply prepared make for a fun and satisfying dining experience

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  1. Yup, my experience, too....and good, efficient, friendly service. A nice, under-the-radar kind of place.

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    1. re: 280 Ninth

      I had an outstanding dinner at Aquagrill a few days ago. Incredible Toro Tartare, bonito sashimi, a selection of incredibly fresh and delicious oysters, Loup de Mer and White Salmon. Everything wowed the table. It's probably the best seafood-focused restaurant I've ever been to.

    2. It's probably my dad' favorite (tie between that, Gotham, and San Domenico). I love the tuna with jasmine ricecakes, and they have an amazing swordfish special at times.

      1. their seafood tower is out of this world!!!! I second the taro tar tar as well.

        And such wonderful service!

        1. My dinner report:

          Pros: Very fresh fish and well conceived main courses. Tried the truffle crusted cod and Bouillabaisse. Reasonable prices.

          Cons: Wine list pricing a bit on the higher side. Sorbet dessert was a complete failure.

          Overall strongly recommended, but stick to the seafood !

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          1. re: OliThor

            I'm a big fan of Aquagrill, so this may have a little bias, but the wine prices are extremely reasonable. Jennifer Marshall will not compromise on quality, so there are higher priced bottles on the list than may be found on another list of comparable size, but the markup is well under the usual 200 to 250 percent (or higher) found at other restaurants.

            1. re: joc1234

              also, you can find lovely affordable wine on the list. (we got a 30 dollar bottle of white that was outstanding the last time we were there)