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Jul 10, 2007 04:03 PM

Any good eats near the Alameda Ferry?

Thinking of hitting up the St George Open House this weekend and since I'll be out there I'm wondering if there's anything else worth checking out.

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  1. It sounds like you're going to be coming over on the Ferry and won't have a car, and in that case, I would have to say no, there's really no food near the ferry that's worth the walk (especially since it's all the other direction from the ferry than St George). You do know, right, that Rosenblum winery is right next to the ferry dock -- free tastings, and they're always very nice. Of course, I hear you can get pretty snockered from a tasting at St George, so more alcohol may not be the answer. At least you're not driving!

    1. A good solution may be to pick up picnic supplies at the Ferry Building on your way over, and use the picnic table in front of Hanger One after a tasting there. It has a great view, if there's not a wall of fog obscuring the City. Then you can be fortified to try Rosenblum's wines, too.

      1. The ferry and St. George are sort of in the middle of nowhere. It's about 2-1/2 miles to the commercial strip on Webster St.