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Jul 10, 2007 03:56 PM

OldInnOnTheGreen: MondayNight

We went to Old Inn last night for my birthday...had not been in a couple of months.
The summer menu is great; and, Peter sent out a few goodies, so we got to taste other than what we ordered. James Stahl maintains an incredible wine list...we had a bottle of the Martinelli Pinot Noir. That wine is soooooo hard to find, so it was an added treat. As usual, the food, wine, and service were superlative. I generally like to go there on my birthday, but, actually, any time is fine with me. Old Inn and John Andrews are the best in deep south county.

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  1. Thanks. I have to go to this place. Happy birthday.

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      Thank was quite a happy birthday...and that ain't all, being the inveterate gym rat I am, did extra this morning, despite the horrible weather, to equalize all the fun last night.

    2. I agree with you completely. The Old Inn is a very special place.

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            I was at the Egremont Inn the other night. Decent food but does not sound as wonderful as this one from the OP. None the less, a nice atmosphere, good bar menu, etc. They have live music on some nights and it has a nice cozy feel to it.