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Jul 10, 2007 03:45 PM

japanese: beautiful space, good food, not too $$$

i have out-of-towners visiting and they've requested sushi/japanese for dinner.

my requirements:

1) beautiful space. it can be scene-y.
2) good, solid, consistent food.
3) i'm hoping for $100/person, less, if possible. reasonably priced drinks would be nice.

the ones i've looked into thus far:

jewel bako? geisha? matsuri?


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  1. There is a new Japanese upscale home-cooking restaurant called Kyoya that I think is gorgeous. It's not really well known but they have pretty unique dishes. I had an artisanal edamame appetizer, pressed sushi, and copper river salmon sashimi when I went, paired with a bubbly sake. The downside is that it's not sushi heavy (not a lot of nigiri or maki on the menu).

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    1. re: kathryn

      Where is Kyoya? I googled it but I'm only getting hits for a place in San Francisco.

      1. re: snaporaz

        The name might be Kyo Ya on the internet although I swear that the menu had it as one word. Hmm.

        94 E 7th St, between 1st Avenue and A
        (212) 982-4140

        They also do a kaiseki tasting menu but I think it might be out of your price range.

    2. NAKA NAKA would knocka them over and also its not expensive. it's cute, hidden away & very traditional japanese styled. limited mixed menu, but they have sushi/sashimi and cooked items as well - something for everybody. highly rec'd for this kind of occasion. if you have more than four they have a tatami room you could reserve.

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      1. re: mrnyc

        i will def look into it. thank you for the recommendation!