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Jul 10, 2007 03:35 PM

Trendy Business Lunch

Any recommendations for a business lunch, price not a big deal, somewhat trendy, in the santa monica, century city area...

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  1. How soon will you be going? Craft at Century City opens later this week I believe, so it will be the newest place and most likely trendy and busy at lunch with all the agents around there. I hear the outposts of it in NY that are primarily steak-focused are fabulous.

    Spago is always a good somewhat trendy business lunch spot though it's in Beverly Hills, not sure if that's too far for you.

    Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica is open for lunch these days, not sure how happening it is, but the burger I've had there is one of my favorites and they have a great wine list.

    1. In Santa Monica, I like the patio at Michael's for a business lunch.

      1. I have been to many business lunches in the area:

        LA Farm
        Le Cachette (sp)
        Ivy at The Shore
        Buffalo Club
        French 25
        Gulf Stream
        Ocean Seafood

          1. Abode
            The Penthouse at the Huntley
            The Ivy
            Second Michael's
            Newsroom Cafe (the one on Robertson)