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Jul 10, 2007 03:00 PM

Best Gyro Delivery on South Beach?

After many a night imbibing in the surrounding hot spots, I have had the pleasure of devouring a gyro from the tiny Middle Eastern place next to Mynt. Its name escapes me, but that said, they don't deliver and I was wondering if there were any recommended places to get a gyro here that also deliver?

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  1. try grill med on 11th st between washington and collins next door to a liquor store.It has recently been taken over by a turkish chef and their gyro sandwich is $6.50 i believe.I enjoyed mine.

    1. Miami Gyro is on Washington and 6th. Great gyros, they were closed for a while, but I believe there are up and running again. I'm pretty sure they do delivery. Very nice people, great food, very cheap- gyro is around $6

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        excellent! yes, i drove by miami gyro the other day and i think they changed their name to something like south beach gyro. hopefully it's still good. and i will check out grill med, too!

        1. re: LesleyEats

          Let me know which gyro won your heart! :-)