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Jul 10, 2007 02:54 PM

Whistler, BC in early August - help? [Moved from Canada board]

Any tips on decent places for seafood, sushi or anything else in the Whistler area during the summer? Will be there for about a week in August. Thanks.

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  1. excellent restauranr called rim rock or rock rim cafe, don't remember the exact name, but reservations a must. there is a decent sushi place outside of town, but not memorable. august is fun there

    1. The Edgewater Lodge. It's a couple of minutes by car from Whistler Village, on the edge of a lake. The setting is just gorgeous and the food is terrific. Also, for Italian, either one of the Umberto restaurants is a great bet.

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        really really late reply, but thanks for the tip. did end up there and the venison was outstanding.

      2. We went to the Rimrock cafe about 5 years ago and it was delicious. I had something with lobster and scallops. At that time it was the "special occasion " place that the local whistler people suggested.

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          Rimrock is a for sure must - by far the best restaurant in whistler. The food, atmosphere, presentation is amazing. Be sure to make reservations.

          For sushi I woulod hit up Sushi Village - great atmosphere, fresh fish and wonderful selection of rolls. Go early to avoid the wait.

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            Sushi Village, as good as it gets in Canada. Great ownership as well.