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Jul 10, 2007 02:38 PM

Any Standouts in Sanibel Island?

Are there any must eats in Sanibel Island, or are most places tourist traps with mediocre food?

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  1. Not truly outstanding - Traders on Periwinkle

    1. There used to be a place called The Bubble Room. That was IT for food on Sanibel.

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        The Bubble Room is on Captiva Island

        1. re: MothaTucker

          Ugh, Bubble Room was so bad! We went to Captiva last year and heard it raved about. The kitsch was cute and we got some good pix - the food was overpriced and mediocre at best. We thoroughly enjoyed the Mucky Duck twice. Once for dinner with awesome sunsets on the beach (and drinks and music) and once for takeout (our son was 10 mo old). Burgers were great. Didn't get to Sanibel at all...

      2. On a recent trip to Sanibel we chanced upon Doc Ford's, which is on the road from Sanibel to Captiva. We really just stopped in for a beer--it looked like a pure sports bar from the road--but were so intrigued by the menu that we had some appetizers and later returned for dinner. We weren't disappointed. The chef puts together some really innovative dishes with elements of the cuisine of Mexico (particularly the Yucatan), the Caribbean, Texas, South America, and other locales. The other food we had in the area was pretty mediocre, but I do recommend you try Doc Ford's for lunch or dinner.

        1. Bubble Room is on Captiva, the adjacent barrier island. lots of grotesque desserts. kids love it.

          It is possible to have good meals on Sanibel.

          Thistle Lodge is a lovely victorian home on the Gulf in the midst of a resort that serves very good food with nice wine flights or good wines by the bottle.

          We love the seafood dive at the end on Sanibel before you cross to Captiva: The Lazy Flamingo. This old place has wonderful oysters and good fish. Island ambiance.

          I like Doc Fords as well. I like the fish tacos.

          Red Fish/Blue Fish is excellent. Probably the best on the island at this time. Lots of tapas style plates.

          The bar at the Jacaranda is a fun place to go in the evening. There is also a nice piano bar and singer at Dolce Vita.

          Up on Captiva, avoid the dismal Bubble Room and try the Key Lime Bistro instead. LMF

          1. We enjoyed a few meals at a place called La Dolce Vita on Perwinkle before the hurricanes, haven't been back since. The food was pretty good, not great, nice bar and wine lsit, music..all-in-all a fun evening in a place with few restaurants.

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              Bubble Room was abysmal. I was there a few weeks ago. It made TGI Friday's look--and taste-- like Ducasse. Great for kids and dessert, yes. Lazy Flamingo has the BEST hot wings I've ever had....for those who like heat, Lazy Flamingo's where it's at. Jacaranda is good for late night, too. haven't tried La Dolce Vita, but have heard great things.

              1. re: LesleyEats

                Bubble Room is fine. Okay diner type food and a very interesting decor. Very over the top, kids will like it.

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                  I have to agree your Bubble Room assessment. Yuck and it's not cheap. I occasionally have a conference in Captiva and have yet found a decent restaurant in the area so this thread is providing me with a few hopefuls