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Jul 10, 2007 02:34 PM

Manhattan fun dinner for adults

I know this is going to sound sad but I have worked in NYC for over four years (I moved here from LA in 2003) but live in the burbs and do not go out that often in the city. So outside of my normal lunch/business lunch fare in the West Village, and the occasional Theatre district pre show dinner I am pretty clueless to the NY scene.

My wife is turning 31 and has an old college friend coming down to visit and I want a fun place for us to go out for dinner then drinks/dancing. Although there are a ton of places I would love to go to, she is just not into what she would call “Fancy” food so French or New American cuisine is out of the question as is Sushi as she does not like fish. So all the things I want to try are off the list, but hey this is her birthday not mine.

I am looking for a young (we are all in our early 30’s) hip place that is not too food adventurous where we can have fun, then a place to go after that has good drinks and atmosphere that we will not have to wait for hours just to get in. And maybe a late night stop for dessert.

Any advice!!!

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    1. re: mark r

      that was my first thought-- i agree with staton social.

    2. Give Tao a shot. Good Chinese (there's also some sushi on the menu) and great atmosphere. Just make a reservation a week or so in advance (and even with the reservation you'll probably still wait a half an hour)

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      1. re: lickingmychops

        buddhakan is much tastier than tao and a better scene

        1. re: mark r

          I also immediately thought of Buddakan

      2. I would also check out Alta. Beautiful space, good food an opportunity to try a variety of things (small plates, like Staton Social)

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        1. re: jdream

          I love Alta. Their food (which is tapas) is so delicious and it's cheaper than Stanton Social. Here's my post about them:

          1. re: chocokitty

            yeah... i guess it's tapas. i just think of it more as small plates because i imagine a more traditionally spanish meal when thinking of the word tapas.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions. also any place for drinks after also a place for late night dessert we both have a sweet tooth late at night?

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          1. re: efreid

            go to angel share for a cool, yet still sophisticated drink experience afterwards. look it up online-- sorta hidden, but not really. great drinks and even better atmosphere.