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Jul 10, 2007 02:27 PM

Tocqueville or Fleur de Sel for anniversary?

Hi all,
So...Tocqueville or Fleur de Sel for an anniversary dinner? I'm looking for something intimate and very tasty, but not too formal or precious. Thanks!

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  1. I think Fleur de Sel fits your description nicely. But it's a small dining area with tables close together---hopefully it won't be that busy on your anniversary and you'll have some distance between you and the other diners.....

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    1. If you want initimate and not formal, then Fleur de Sel is the way to go. Foodwise I think they are both excellent, but Tocqueville's space is quite formal and a bit stuffy.

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        I fourth the motion for Fleur de Sel

      2. We just had dinner at both, and both restaurants are putting out stellar food. At Fleur de Sel, we had the tasting dinner, and it was, as always, superb!

        This was our first time at Tocqueville in their new location. While the dining room is not huge, it has a grander and less intimate feel (mostly due to the very high ceiling) than the cozier space at Fleur de Sel. Though there are no poor tables at FdeS, the one I like best is the table for two directly in front of the window.

        Happy Anniversary and Bon Appetit!

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        1. re: RGR

          FDS, definitely! I've eaten at both and was so much more impressed with the presentation and service at FDS. Everyone I went with enjoyed their entree, and we each had ordered very different things.