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Jul 10, 2007 02:08 PM

Richmond, VA anniversary dinner tomorrow night

Love my husband but he is a VERY picky and boring eater. I am not and with 2 little kids we almost never get out so I'd love to please both of us.
We're looking for somewhere new to us...
Menus he could handle include:
Chez Max
Bistro R
Europa Mediterranean Cafe
Bistro Twenty Seven
Carlton's - know nothing about here except that the wine is 1/2 price on wednesday

Any suggestions? Or others but truly he eats no veggies or anything mixed with it...

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  1. Chez Max is closed for vacation until July 16. I give high acolades to Bistro R. I think it is an often unpraised jewel in Richmond. 27 has gotten very mixed reviews by both reviewers and friends and family. We went in there for a drink before having a (wonderful) meal at Comfort and the place was dead and the menu looked good, but also looked as if it would require expert execution to be good. I've only been to Europa for drinks and have never been to Carlton's. One place we tried for Dh's birthday in May and enjoy was City Bar and Grill on Main near the Farmer's Market. You can also go to Havana 59 for a before or after (or both) dinner mojito.

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      Thanks. We ended up at Europa because sharing tapas seemed like so much fun. It was and some things were really good. Others just okay but I'd definitely go back.
      Get the garlic shrimp and marcona almonds if you're thre. The Old City Bar & Grill and even Bistro R when I relooked at the menu are definite spots to try but the food just seemed heavy when it was so hot. I appreciate the suggestions.

      1. re: AMFM

        oh and tres leches cake with coconut sorbet was also divine. would go back just for those three and try some other new things.