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Jul 10, 2007 02:00 PM

24 hour Restaurants in Toronto

what are your favorite 24 hour restaurants in Toronto? closer to downtown the better. any kind of food as long as its good! Not that i would expect any less from chowhounds....=)

thank you in advance!

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  1. 7 West on Charles at Yonge. It's cozy and the food is good. Nothing fancy, just perfect for an extended date.

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    1. Dangerous Dan's for great burgers and fries! generous portions.. they're not 24 hr persay but open late noon-midnight
      on broadview and queen st. e

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      1. re: sugarcube

        dangerous dans is a dreadfully greasy pile over overcooked meat. dreck. there's nothing redeeming about the place and their fries are pre-frozen run of the mill.

        i've never understood this 7 west obsession. barely palateable food at mediocre prices. just not worth it at all.

        if you want something interesting, just west on dundas past spadina is pho pasteur... it's alright stuff but at least at a much more reasonable quality/price ratio than dd or 7west.

      2. I also second the motion for 7 West. However, do stay away from the Moroccan Chili - the first (and last) time I tried it, it arrived barely lukewarm and over-salted. Bletch.
        However, their sandwiches and pastas are reasonably priced and edible, and you can't go wrong with their martinis if you want something to wash it all down.

        1. make it 3 votes for 7 west. i love that place. decent sandwiches, pastas, etc- way better than pub food for late night. servers are usually, um, inexperienced, but friendly. good vibes. can be very busy sometimes so it can get crowded.

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          1. re: excuse me miss

            Gonna have to disagree with 7 West these days. As intoxicated as my party was late one evening, everyone commented on how awful each of their plates were. Most things were soggy and microwaved, with very little flavour. I used to love their Dulce De Leche cheesecake, but it was absent from the menu and desert list. We each swore never to return, but really I can't think of any alternatives off the top of my head.

          2. Fran's (Yonge and College) for camp. Mel's (Bloor almost as far west as Bathurst) for late night smoked meat. And Vesta (Dupont and Bathurst) for really slumming and covorting with cabbies.

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            1. re: Carruthers

              For late night Itallian, Cuccina is opening on Duncan tomorrow. It will stay open until 4 am most nights. Vivoli on College is also open late on weekends.

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                A second vote for Mel's, which is one of the few places that seems to have exactly the same quality food at every hour of the day. There are also more than a few places on Spadina that, if not twenty four hours, are open late enough to hold you over until everything else starts to open again.

                1. re: Carruthers

                  Carruthers, my brother, the Vesta is the place - try the Hollywood (bacon, lettuce, tomato and chicken salad) - possibly the tastiest and messiest sandwich I've ever had.

                  A few blocks east (near St. George), you can find People's Food. I have never ventured beyond the burger and fries, but the passing parade is worth the show.

                  1. re: KevinB

                    Peoples has not been 24 hours in many many years

                    1. re: superizzy

                      The Owl of Minerva is 24 hr if you have a craving for Pork Bone Soup at 4 AM..I know I do.. ;>)

                      1. re: Wiley

                        And...great Pork Bone it is!!!!!