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QUIET restaurant on Fri nite in WLA/SaMo/W-wood

i'm looking for a QUIET restaurant for some girlfriends and i to chat about one's recent break-up (tears may be involved). it'll be fri nite.
we'll be having a LIGHT meal & wine or cocktails. just tapas would be fine, or a bigger menu.
she does NOT want to go to nook (i've already suggested it).

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  1. What about Punch Grill on Wilshire?

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    1. re: mollyomormon

      yum...looks good, but maybe a LITTLE on the price-y side for this group. i was thinking more $15-22 entrees.
      thanks, though.

    2. If you are four or less then Sprazzo on Westwood Blvd. across the street from Borders Books would work. You can reserve one of their booths (they will actually reserve one for you even if they don't "know" you). Wine but no cocktails.


      1. Violet
        Divino (perhaps too pricey)
        Literati Cafe
        Gardens on Glendon
        Napa Valley Grille

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          For your described justifications, I truly feel that Violet would work out the best. Divino, while a VERY good restaurant, just does not fit your economic parameters, nor for that matter do most of the rest on Emme's list. If your budget were higher, then many more options would be available.

          1. re: carter

            I agree Divino is too pricey for 15-22, but most others can reasonably be done on the budget. The OP didn't say 15-22 per person; he said per entree.

        2. Cucino Paradiso maybe?

          I also second Napa Valley Grille and Literati Cafe.

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            I like Cucino Paradiso, but that room is wide open and might not afford enough privacy unless they are in a corner. Also, I find their wine list to be extremely overpriced.

          2. Violet would seem to fit the bill. Also, Upstairs (the restaurant above the wine shop on Cotner, just off the 405) would also seem to be a good choice.

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              Upstairs 2 has very good wine and tapas menu, but the tables are so close together that you can easily hear others' conversation.....something to consider in your circumstance.

              1. re: fdb

                Good point... I had forgotten how tight the space can be.

                You might also consider Lilly's, the french bistro on Abbot Kinney. It's a laid back, moderately priced place where you can linger and talk.

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                I agree with either Violet or Upstairs 2. I don't think the tables are too close together to have a private conversation. Another suggestion would be primitivo in venice.

                1. re: foodseeker

                  I have found Primitivo to be uncomfortably loud to the point where I give up taking part in the conversation at the table. That is definitely true for the inside tables. The patio tables are a bit better, but they can still be pretty loud.

              3. on the japanese tip you might want to try wakasan on westwood blvd near santa monica. very small cute place. quiet, good for conversation...

                you dont order. you sit down and they start feeding you several small courses. ran about 25 dollars for the entire meal last time i went. if you are a big group it might not work but for 4-6 should be fine

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                  Forget Sprazzo. Our first experience was quiet and lovely. The second was a nightmare from hell! They had two larger parties that were so loud the four of us could barely hear each other. The waiter was impatient and half of our food was lukewarm. This was about 3 weeks ago. The waiter made the meal even more unpleasant. We probably won't return.

                  1. re: compucook

                    After 15 visits over the last 3 years I can safely say that we have never once had a noise issue (they rarely attract large parties as the restaurant is one small / intimate room) or less than delicious food and service. If something goes wrong in the slightest they have always been willing / eager to make it right, without so much as a quibble. Any restaurant can have an off night, and from the sounds of it you caught theirs square on the chin.

                    1. re: Servorg

                      I have been to Violet twice, and while I enjoyed both visits, neither time was quiet. The second time, I left with a bit of a sore throat from screaming at my friend for an hour. I wouldn't go there on a weekend night. For quiet tables that are far away from each other, I like Sonora Cafe and Doug Arangos..

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                        We recently went to Violet based on the recommendations off this board. When we went, I found the tables to be quite close together, especially if you are sitting along the wall with the endless tacky purple booth, and we had to raise our voices to be heard. We definitely could hear the side conversations. Also, the bill gets very pricey because you have to order at least 5-6 dishes for two to feel full.

                        For a quiet restaurant, I've always been able to hear pins drop at Asakuma at Barrington and Wilshire in West LA/Brentwood. It's a great value before 7pm because they have a few set menus, or you could use order some rolls and negiri for the table.

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                          oh, yeah...asakuma has a private room that you can ask to be seated there if not taken by an entire large party